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Physics can be employed to bring benfits to just about every aspect of life. From implementing the most basic to realizing the most exotic, from manipulating the very small to controlling the very large, TMC Physics contributes to ground-breaking technology development with its broad scope. This puts us in a unique position to work together in teams of all disciplines to initiate, innovate, and commercialize research, development and engineering.

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A broad view on technology solutions for the real world

In today's technological R&D, a fundamental understanding and thorough overview are necessary to make on-time delivery of innovations a reality. In our TMC Physics team this range is well represented, from experts on topics such as optics, thermodynamics, data science and computational physics to experienced system engineers, system architects and project managers. All of them shape the technology of tomorrow.


The field of physics is wide and the topics are varied. For TMC Physics’ Employeneurs, this leads to a broad range of interesting assignments in which we can contribute to technological innovations. This ranges from theoretical research to application engineering. TMC Physics Employeneurs are highly educated, skilled and motivated people with an enthusiastic, open and collaborative attitude.



At TMC Physics, an Optical Designer is responsible for assisting our clients in the design and development of complex optical systems, including lens design, reflective and refractive systems, scanning systems, Gaussian optics and laser propagation, illumination

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As an Optical Engineer for TMC Physics, you will work on a variety of challenging projects for our different customers. You know how to set up and perform experiments and analyses related to optical systems and are able to form the link between people and people and technology.

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Meet the team

Our team represents many nationalities, points of view and fields including but not limited to computational physics, thermal and flow, optics and plasma physics. Basically you could say we are fascinated by understanding anything and everything – which is reflected in our dynamic careers.

Robert van Tankeren

Director, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 12 30 78 83

Berenger Briquez

Director, España

Tel: +34 608 146 555

Diego Bruno

Account Manager, Italia

Tel: +39 347 2596358

Loic Le Mene

Director, France

Tel: +33 (0)1 81 93 40 21

Jaskaran Sandhu

Director, België

Tel: +32 (0)475 96 73 67