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TMC Chemical contributes to a more sustainable, safer and healthier world. We know, it’s a big claim. But it’s one we make with confidence, since we work at the basis of industries that directly affect human lives: pharmaceutical and food science, energy markets and the chemical (process) industry.

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Touching lives at the most fundamental level

The world of Chemical engineering reaches far and wide. What our highly diverse specialties have in common, is that they operate in the forefront of topical interest. From the development of sustainable feedstock that is not based on oil to specialty polymer development and from new medical treatments to optimization within the pharmaceutical industry and cutting edge technology for cancer diagnostics. 


We work with a wide range of customers in this field, from large international food companies to smaller biotech start-ups. These companies ask our help in projects varying from R&D, product development, process development and improvement, to consultancy and (content) management assignments.



As a product development engineer you have a thorough understanding of molecules, materials, ingredients and its application in our world. You know what customers want and understand how to translate this into specifications for the R&D team. Managing expectations and bringing innovation to the market makes you get up in the morning.

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TMC is unique in drawing technical specialists to the company, by using its “Employeneurship model”, the model that combines employment and entrepreneurship in a new working relationship. TMC, with over 800 highly qualified specialists (Employeneurs), distinguishes itself by offering its clients scarce competencies. Employeneurs with entrepreneurial spirits turn these competencies into concrete solutions for the development of complex products and projects. TMC Chemical is one of the business cells within the TMC Group. Due to expansion of our activities in the South of the Netherlands, as of immediately, we are looking for: an Accountmanager Chemical.

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As a research & development engineer you have a thorough understanding of molecules, materials, ingredients and matter in general. You understand or want to understand every aspect of your project and get energy by bringing your innovation further down the development cycle.

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As a process development engineer you have a thorough understanding of molecules, materials, ingredients and matter in general. You know how to fine-tune different processes and how to obtain the insights required for the desired result. You know how to have impact on a process.

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Meet the team

The Employeneurs at TMC Chemical are highly skilled (most of them have a Ph.D.) and specialized in different fields; Analytical Chemistry, (Bio) Process Engineering, Immunology, Biochemistry, Food Science, Toxicology, Fermentation Technology and many, many others.

Thibaut Griboval

Director, België

Tel: +32 490 56 94 50

Marcel Ernes

Director, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 12 88 56 23

Pierre-Yves Thomas

Director, France

Tel: +33 (0)78 576 736 9

Aitor Maqueda

Director, España

Tel: +34 630 748 485