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What’s your next step? We can help you with that

The telecommunication sector is critical for growth, innovation and disruption across multiple industries. It plays a big part in the development of new technologies for the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and mobile media.

The telecom market is developing at lightning speed. We all want to watch Netflix or make video calls from anywhere. But innovations are also taking place at a rapid pace in industry. Think of a car that calls an emergency number in the event of an accident or communicating robots in a factory. 5G is developing into the wireless network for the industry. The Internet of Things makes companies, healthcare institutions and entire cities smarter.

Tomorrow's innovations
TMC's telecom specialists understand today's and tomorrow's telecom technology and integrate it into telecom companies and industry. TMC Telecom attracts the best engineers and ensures that they continue to develop. For example, we invest in an innovation program around 5G and cyber security and we work together within the Brainport and High Tech Campus.

TMC Telecom engineers are at the basis of new products and actively help to prepare them for the market. This way our clients can continue to make a difference.


Most Telecom specialists start with a single-minded passion for technology. But it takes more to be one of the greats, a true problem-solver. Our Employeneurs take personal responsibility, have excellent communication skills and have a pro-active attitude at all times.

Hans Schuren

Director Test & Integration | Application Lifecycle Management, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 23 65 86 96

Ton van den Berg

Business Manager Software, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 30 69 53 22

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