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New Product Introduction

The industrialization of a new product or process determines how successful the launch will be while time to market and First Time Right is becoming more important than ever. That means good preparation is an absolute must. And that’s where the New Product Introduction (NPI) Engineer adds unexpected value. Right from the get-go.

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Between R&D and Production lies the key to a great product

NPI is already a global standard in fast moving markets such as high tech, automotive, semi-conductor and medical/pharmacy industry. And we expect it to become even more important in the near future.


Great NPI Engineers and Project Leaders are in great demand. No wonder, because they are experienced practitioners in many aspects of production: checking design and process on feasibility, verifying new process introduction, leading teams of dedicated specialists, cost engineering, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and defining equipment and tooling - all the while keeping in close contact with customers and suppliers. After all, the best results stem from good relations.



As Process Development Engineer you will be in the lead for developing complex processes to a reliable standard for production. It’s your responsibility to ensure that new processes are prepared for a ‘first time right’ introduction. Our team of 30+ NPI specialists are there for you to support you in your success.

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As Project Manager (NPI) you will be responsible for meeting the QLTC deliverables during the industrialization process. You will lead a multidisciplinary team of specialists and ensure all team targets are achieved. You will also have close contact with customers and/or suppliers. Our team of 30+ NPI specialists are there for you to support you in your success.

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Meet the team

Our team of dedicated technical professionals springs into action in the phase between R&D and production. They advise, share knowledge and implement improvements to achieve the main goal: a shorter time to market. That takes a seasoned and critical eye on the Reliability, Availability, Manufacturability and Sustainability, Quality and Costs of a product or process.

Maarten Guns

Account Manager, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 54 23 51 31

Aitor Maqueda

Director, España

Tel: +34 630 748 485

Matthias Warlop

Director, België

Tel: +32 (0)492 577 922

Loic Le Mene

Director, France

Tel: +33 (0)6 18 09 58 76

Emanuele De Filippis

Labs Technical Director, Italia

Tel: +39 34 576 838 15

Marjolein Berkers

Director, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 27 16 15 41