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Supply Chain Management

Within the TMC Supply Chain Management (SCM) expertise cell, our professionals are specialized in supply chain solutions ranging from warehousing to forecasting and digitization. Integrating supply chain systems, processes, and operations.

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Delivering performance from end to end

Highly complex products result in highly complex supply chains. With global suppliers and customers, never-ending Bills of Material and datasheets, and ever higher expectations from all stakeholders involved. From raw material to happy customer: it’s up to us to help our clients deliver ‘on time, in full’. To do so, we focus on three core competences:

Digital Supply Chain
Everything IT and system related. Automation, digitization, integration.

Operational Supply Chain

Everything practical: from supply & demand planning, shaping and sensing, to analysis, forecasting and project management.

Supply Chain+

Everything that’s Supply Chain and: Quality, Operational Excellence, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics. The melting pot where our core business Supply Chain meets affiliated practices.


Our targets are as diverse (and sometimes even contradictory) as they come, improving time, costs, logistics and quality of supply to meet the demand. This requires highly involved Entrepreneurs, with a thorough and broad understanding of the customers’ site and every detail of the processes in their supply chain. Often, our presence leads to consultancy assignments on investments, implementations of new ways of working, and other logistical questions that require our creativity.



Are you looking for a challenge in the Supply Chain domain, within a people centered organization? Then working within TMC Supply Chain Management as an Engineer is something for you!

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Are you looking for a head start in the Supply Chain domain, or do you want to continue to develop yourself as a Supply Chain Planner? Then working at TMC Supply Chain Management as a Planner is the next step for you!

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The Project/Logistic Engineer is responsible for coordination of activities associated with lean manufacturing to achieve the most effective and efficient way to manufacture products at high quality and reliable levels in a consistent basis Your main responsibility is to create an effective and efficient way to manufacture products at high quality and reliable levels in a consistent basis.

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Heb jij ervaring binnen Supply Chain en ben je toe aan een volgende stap in je carrière? Voor verschillende toonaangevende organisaties en projecten zijn we op zoek naar Supply Chain specialisten. Wil je graag werken binnen de High Tech Industrie? Lees dan snel verder!

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Purchasing representative to ensure cross-functional alignment on quality, cost, delivery and time requirements

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Meet the team

Our technical specialists are excellent intermediaries. As they go back and forth between development and production, they switch effortlessly between being conceptual thinkers and pragmatic problem solvers.

Noortje van Boxtel

Director Manufacturing Support | Supply Chain Management | Field Service, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 12 93 23 55

Pepijn Rinzema

Business manager Supply Chain Management, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 20 73 68 73

Linnea Sjödin

Director, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)735 30 39 06

Sam Lahaye

Director, Belgium

Tel: +32 (0)494 11 40 91

Sony Dansy

Business Manager, Belgium

Tel: (+32) 484 99 41 84

Fernando Ledesma

CEO, Canada

Tel: +1 (0)514 466 6478

Massimiliano Corso

Account Manager, Italy

Tel: +39 345 5982500

Emmanuel Mielvaque

CEO TMC Spain / France Regions, Spain

Tel: +34 91 515 439 2

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