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Civil Engineering

TMC Civil Engineering is home to a diverse group of experts. They have each specialized in particular aspects of infrastructure over many years, mainly working in Project Management, Engineering and Dynamic Traffic Managment. What unites them is their dept of knowledge and their ability to develop innovative solutions for our customers, from design to day-to-day supervision.

What’s your next step? We can help you with that

Attuned to the sensitivities of large-scale complexity

The Civil Engineering field is highly dynamic, always evolving. Not long ago, our assignments were meticulously described in readymade documents (RAW), but over the past few years we have seen a shift towards Design & Construct assignments. Our Civil Engineers have always been, and will remain, at the forefront of embracing and adapting to new developments, rising to technical challenges at every scale of complexity.


Our successful engineers have a high level of education and several years of experience. They are ready to go at principal clients as well as contractors and add some more flexibility to those already diverse environments to make sure they can meet any challenge and bring any project to a great close.



Als je graag onderdeel wil worden van onze TMC familie en klaar bent om Employeneur te worden solliciteer dan nu!

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Positie voor een Bouwkundige met 3 tot 10 jaar werkervaring binnen een vak volwassen technische adviesbureau dat wereldwijd is georganiseerd. Interessant voor bouwkundig ingenieurs die zichzelf, onze afdeling en hun vakgebied willen ontwikkelen.

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Are you attracted by nuclear processes and safety? Do you love the freedom to work independently, combined with the stability of a permanent employment and the inspiration to work within a motivated team of colleagues? Then TMC is the right company for you!

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Ben jij als junior/medior of senior professional in de commerciële arbeidsbemiddeling toe aan een “next level” in het vakgebied? Wil jij jouw vaardigheden aangaande commercie, werkgeverschap, leiding geven en ondernemen (verder) ontwikkelen? Dan is dit jouw kans!

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Meet the team

We use our network intensively and are always looking for the best ways to share knowledge. Employeneurs in one municipality keep in close contact with their peers in another about specific problems they encounter. This way our clients won’t have to reinvent the wheel, but profit fully from the solutions that have already been developed elsewhere.

Fernando Ledesma

CEO, North America

Tel: +1 514 466 6478

Denny Lammers

Business manager Enschede, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 13 41 43 75

Jonathan Petit

Business Manager Middle East, Dubai

Tel: +971 55 333 0352

Gonzalo Soares

Chief Operating Officer, Spain

Tel: +34 648 273 107

Freek Alberink

Director Civil Engineering, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 12 30 89 33