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Privacy statement


  1. About TMC
  2. What is personal data?
  3. TMC’s purposes for processing personal data
  4. What rights do data subjects have?
  5. When does TMC share personal data?
  6. How long does TMC retain personal data?
  7. What are cookies?
  8. How does TMC protect personal data?
  9. Notification of a (suspected) security breach
  10. Contact TMC
  11. Amendments to the privacy statement
  12. Appendix


Version April 2021


Triple B.V. and its group companies (hereafter referred to jointly as: “TMC”) is a unique collection of self-starting, highly skilled and almost self-employed technical professionals. We are an international high-tech company, comprised of Employeneurs with more than 30 nationalities who provide services to customers all over the world.

As an employer and partner in the high-tech industry, we are aware of our impact on the lives and careers of our Employeneurs and on the performance of our clients. To do the best we can, we follow, contribute to and invest in topics that matter on industry level as well as organizational and personal level.

In order to do this, we collect personal data. This privacy statement explains which personal data we collect and how it is processed, stored and secured, what your rights are and how to exercise your rights.


Personal data means all information about an identified or identifiable natural person. This means that information is either directly about a person or can be traced back to that person.

Examples are: name, address, telephone number, date of birth, etc.

There are also categories of special personal data. Examples are: race, religious belief, sexual orientation, etc. This types of data may only be processed if there is a legal basis for doing so.


We process personal data for the following purposes:

  • Recruitment and selection of potential employees and Employeneurs
  • Concluding and carrying out agreements (e.g., contracts of employment or agreements with clients).
  • Communication objectives (newsletters, cookies on the website, etc.)

You can find more information relating to the processing of personal data by TMC in the Appendix.


TMC respects the rights of data subjects with regard to their personal data. Some rights can be exercised at all times; other rights can be exercised under certain conditions only. For example,we cannot grant the request of a data subject to delete its personal data if there is a legal obligation to retain that personal data for a certain period of time.

Data subjects can exercise the following rights:

  • Right of access to personal data;
  • Right of correction of personal data;
  • Right to deletion of personal data;
  • Right to restrictions on processing of personal data;
  • Right to transfer of own personal data.

The aforementioned rights can only be exercised in respect of the personal data of the data subject and are, in some cases, subject to the basis on which they were collected. Data subjects are not allowed to exercise these rights in respect of the personal data of others. TMC may request data subjects to provide additional identification in this regard.

The aforementioned rights can be exercised by the data subjects on this page.

You can also contact the TMC Privacy Officer directly.


When we share data, we observe legislation and regulations and we only provide the necessary information.

Sharing within TMC

This applies to employees who are authorized to access this data. All employees are subject to confidentiality.

Sharing with clients

Personal data of candidates and employees is shared with clients, for example, when introducing candidates and employees to existing and potential clients and/or enabling an employment relationship with these clients.

Sharing with processors

If we share personal data with processors (parties who process personal data on behalf of TMC, such as IT infrastructure or software suppliers, but also parties that provide training courses) or other responsible parties, we ensure that there is either a processing agreement or other contractual provisions in place to guarantee secure processing of the personal data. We can carry out checks on this.

Sharing with other responsible parties

If we share personal data with parties that provide services and that are responsible in this context for determining the purpose and means of processing this personal data (e.g., a pension fund or the Tax and Customs Administration), we will check whether there are clear agreements on the careful handling of these data or make such agreements.

Sharing due to a legal obligation

We only provide personal data at the request of the police and judiciary if there is a legal obligation to do so.

Sharing outsite the European Economic Area (EEA)

If personal data is transferred to our group companies based in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we will have made agreements with them regarding the processing and security of this personal data.

If we transfer personal data to external parties based outside the EEA where there is no adequate level of protection, we will continue to monitor the processing of personal data in addition to the agreements made.


We retain personal data in accordance with the legal standards. Below is a brief overview of these retention periods:

  • After completing an application process: 4 weeks, unless permission has been given for an additional year
  • Following termination of employment: 2 years, unless otherwise required by law
  • Financial information: 7 years.


Cookies are small information files that can be automatically stored on, or read out from the device (including a PC, tablet or smartphone) of the website’s visitor, while visiting a website. This is done through the web browser on the device. TMC uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • To enable the functionality of our website (technical and functional cookies)
  • To generate overall statistics and gain insights in the use of our website by the public in order to improve and optimize our website and services (analytical cookies)
  • To show personalized advertisements (marketing cookies)

For more information about the cookies that we collect and about changing and/or removing them, see our Cookie statement.


We take technical and organizational measures to protect the privacy of those involved and the confidentiality of their personal data:

Information security

TMC data can be divided into 4 categories: Confidential (HRM confidential, Management), Private limited (Personnel), Private internal (Employeneurs) and Public. Highly sensitive/confidential data is mainly stored in the ERP system or in special confidential channels of Microsoft Teams.Internal information is stored in Microsoft Office 365. It is mainly public data that is stored on the website. Extra care is taken in securing sensitive information, such as personal data and customer data.

Infrastructure and devices

The management, maintenance and monitoring of the technical infrastructure is outsourced to a company that is certified for IT security (e.g., ISO 27001) and that has taken sufficient measures, such as physical access security, firewalls, VPN, continuity facilities and monitoring tools, to ensure infrastructure security. All TMC offices have secured networks with advanced firewalls and VPN with active monitoring to safeguard security and continuity. All managed clients have antivirus/antimalware, up-to-date and supported operating systems and disk encryption that is centrally managed and monitored.


All TMC applications are stored in a secured public cloud environment or in the TMC Azure/Office 365 tenant. Authentication takes place through the TMC’s central user management, including Multi Factor Authentication for all internal staff. Authorization is carried out via security groups for each function group. User management is an automated process, based on the HR administration, and it is checked periodically. All TMC data is securely stored on encrypted disks within the EEA (European Economic Area). Logbook use is activated as much as possible for each application, both ditective and reactive.

What you can do

You can contribute to the protection of your personal data by, for example, being careful when disclosing personal data when you respond to jobs and messages posted on social media by TMC. The information that is posted there may be public.


In the event of a suspected or confirmed breach of personal data security, data subjects are requested to inform TMC as soon as possible via stating 'Data breach' in the email's subject line.


Vragen of een klacht indienen

If you have any questions or wish to submit a complaint about the use of your personal data, please contact us using the contact details below.

We will address any questions or complaints internally and communicate this further with you. If you feel like we are not helping you in the correct manner, you have the right to file a complaint against our processing of your personal data with the national supervisory authority responsible for the protection of personal data. For the Netherlands, this is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Contact details

Triple B.V.
High Tech Campus 96
5656 AG Eindhoven
The Netherlands

E-mail address:
Telephone number: +31(0)88 862 2000
Chamber of Commerce: 74692801

Contact details Data Protection Officer

Email address:
Telephone number: +31(0)6 1594 6142


We may change this privacy statement. If substantial changes are made to the privacy statement, this will be communicated on the website.


Overview of the purposes of processing and the types of personal data processed
Using TMC's website(s)
Purpose of processing:

  • To respond online to vacancies;
  • To improve the services that TMC provides.

Personal data processed:

  • Responding online: first name, surname, e-mail address;
  • Improving the services: cookies and similar technical data that are strictly necessary and/or voluntarily agreed to.

In the context of recruitment
Purpose of processing:

  • To search for and approach potential candidates at TMC’s initiative.
  • Personal data processed:
  • Searching for and approaching: contact details, link to social media profile, and messages that are sent to TMC.

Via social media and job boards
Purpose of processing:

  • To generate interest in TMC;
  • To enable data subjects to respond online;
  • To respond to questions from data subjects.

Personal data processed:

  • Online response: contact details, vacancies, and comments of the data subjects;
  • TMC’s response to questions from data subjects: contact details and vacancy/comments from data subjects.
  • Personal data voluntarily provided by data subjects on TMC's social media, such as responses to messages/advertisements and private messages via the social media platform.

Applying at TMC
Purpose of processing:

  • To assess the suitability and availability of a candidate for employment at TMC;
  • To create and share a data subject's CV with clients on the basis of the TMC CV template;
  • To select candidates for vacancies available with TMC and its clients;
  • To create digital files of data subjects;
  • To be able to carry out assessments.

Personal data processed:

  • Personal data: first name, surname, date of birth, gender, nationality;
  • Contact details: residential address, e-mail address, telephone number;
  • Education: education, training courses, diplomas, degrees, certificates;
  • Skills: expertise, language skills;
  • Work history: previous and current employers, functions, and experience;
  • Application details: CV, cover letter;
  • Notes from TMC employees;
  • Assessment of the suitability and availability: education, experience, function and budget-related criteria;
  • For creating and sharing a data subject's CV with clients on the basis of the TMC CV template: first name, surname, date of birth, place of residence, nationality, profile/substantiation, relevant training and courses, relevant work experience, languages, and software knowledge;
  • Selection of candidates: education, experience, skills, references, function-related criteria;
  • Digital file: CVs and other documents, such as interview and meeting notes, notes, etc.

In the context of employment agreements or contracts for services
Purpose of processing:

  • To register personal data required for compliance with laws and regulations;
  • To implement employment contracts.

Personal data processed:

  • Personnel file: personal data that needs to be processed on the basis of, for example, labour legislation and tax and social security legislation, such as a copy of identity documents or passports, visas, work permits, citizen service numbers and documents necessary for administrative purposes such as contact details;
  • Supplementary documents: certificates of good conduct, non-disclosure agreements, certifications;
  • Financial information: salary, bank account numbers;
  • Financial data in case of an external service provider: company data, rates, and, in case of self-employed workers without employees, data necessary for assessing the employment relationship in the context of the Assessment of Employment Relationships (Deregulation) Act, such as number of assignments, types of assignments, and duration of the assignment;
  • Other information related to preparing the personnel, salary, and absenteeism records, such as registration number of the company car, laptop (if provided by the company), mobile phone (if provided by the company), partner's and/or children's personal data for pension administration;
  • Working abroad: personal data necessary for organising work permits, visas, taxes, and housing.

With regard to other internal purposes
Purpose of processing:

  • To ensure operational safety;
  • To generate management information;
  • To obtain and maintain certifications;
  • To apply for grants, premium discounts, etc.;
  • To enable audits to take place.

Personal data processed:

  • With respect to the processing of personal data for these other internal purposes of TMC, the basic principle is that the use of directly identifiable information is limited to the minimum and that data is anonymised where possible.

To inform clients and potential clients about TMC's services and to be able to submit offers
Purpose of processing:

  • To acquire new clients;
  • To gain insight into the demand for labour in the market;
  • To be able to offer services to new clients.

Personal data processed:

  • Acquisition: contact details of representatives of clients;
  • Insight into the assignment: description of the company and its activities, culture, content of the assignment, and desired profiles;
  • Offering services: contact details of representatives of potential clients, information about the sector in which the client operates;
  • Offering/providing information about services: contact details of representatives of potential new clients, information about the sector in which these clients operate.

Establishing and maintaining business relationships with suppliers
Purpose of processing:

  • To conclude and implement agreements and/or to have them implemented;
  • Communication.

Personal data processed:

  • Concluding and implementing agreements: contact details: name, e-mail address, and telephone number;
  • Communication: contact details: name, e-mail address, telephone number.
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