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Field Service

The world of Field Service is hugely complex. Sure, machines and production lines must always be working, because loss accumulates as soon as they come to a halt. But in today’s highly international business environment, we need to operate in places where resources might not be immediately to hand, and often in challeging circumstances. Luckily, our people are more than just okay with working in all sorts of countries and cultures - they truly enjoy it. For our Employeneurs it’s a way of life that ties in with our unique model, which in turn leads to quicker solutions.

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The challenge beyond smooth-running machinery

Machines and installations are becoming more complex by the day. This makes the problems that arise harder to solve, requiring not only hard skills and knowledge but also the softer and more strategic skill of stakeholder management. This increasing complexity also means that the life of a project might be longer than ever before, requiring more flexibility of engineers. Our Employeneurs have proven again and again that they can meet these demands.


The work we do for our clients varies from installation and maintenance to testing and solving malfunctions. This means our Employeneurs are equally at ease overseeing the complete installation of new machine parks, as they are being responsible for Site Management.


We are currently looking for International Field Service Engineers who are operating in the Oil & Gas, Machinery and Food & Packaging industries.

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The Site Supervisor is responsible for the correct progress of the installation of the modules/machines assigned to him on site. He is responsible for the correct technical execution of the duties.

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An ever growing part of organizations is active in service and after sales. More and more these tasks are completed in highly skilled departments where our customer support engineer is working to help to solve issues to decrease down time and to keep production processes going.

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In the position of commissioning engineer you will assemble / modify / test equipment anywhere in the world. You will lead a small team of specialists (both internal and external staff) and guide them along with your customers for a good end result.

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We are searching for HighTech testers. Are you ready for a new career move and you meet the following requirements: please contact us.

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Meet the team

What distinguishes us is our international character: we work simultaneously at a mining pump installation in Madagascar and a solar cell factory in China. That global reach gives us a multitude if cultural perspectives and means we are available 24/7.

Frank Barendse

Director, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 55 83 85 23

Thibaut Griboval

Director, België

Tel: +32 490 56 94 50

Pierre-Yves Thomas

Director, France

Tel: +33 (0)78 576 736 9

Aitor Maqueda

Director, España

Tel: +34 630 748 485