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Setting up a specialized Electromobility Programme

The world of automotive evolves rapidly. Just ten or fifteen years ago, we could have hardly imagined what the automotive industry looks like today. Petrol and diesel vehicles are making way for electrical ones. In Sweden, there are already more full electrical cars on the roads than petrol and diesel vehicles combined. No wonder that this brings new challenges for engineers in the automotive sector as well. New innovations require new knowledge, but how do you acquire this knowledge if there aren’t any degrees for them yet? That is exactly what Adam Lundin, Business Unit Manager at TMC Skövde, thought. Together with the University of Skövde he developed the Electromobility Programme especially for employeneurs of TMC.

Electromobility is the use of electric cars, e-trucks, e-bikes, and so on. In order to meet climate goals and become less dependent on fossil fuels, electromobility is one aspect that can help achieve these objectives. This is something that Adam also noticed with the questions of their clients: “The sector is changing quickly, this also affects the needs of our clients as well. For example, they need help with electrification. This means that factories shift to techniques that work on electricity. In this way, the industry works on green energy that isn’t harmful to the environment, and fossil fuels are no longer needed for production processes.”

The idea of the Electromobility Programme came up during a session with the employeneurs of the manufacturing support business cell of TMC Skövde. The course consists of ten courses spread over a period of six months. Eleven of our employeneurs participate in this course to get up to date about electrical engines in the automotive industry. Louise Petersson, Production Engineer at Volvo Powertrain via TMC: “The shift to electromobility has a great impact on manufacturing as well. It is great that during this course we start with the basics of electrical engines, but also get into more in depth topics that can be applicable in our projects.”

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As a young professional I can help up set a factory in Mexico

As a starter, it can be difficult to get your first job. Let alone finding a job that suits you well, has great responsibilities and increases your knowledge. Not for Remi Demyttenaere (22). In the summer of 2021, he signed his contract with TMC before he had graduated. Currently Rémi is part of TMC's Young Potential Program and works on a project for which he regularly travels to Mexico. In this article, Rémi talks about his choice for TMC, managing projects and future prospects.

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The course is not just interesting to employeneurs who already work with electromobility, but also for all others who will probably do so in the future. For Louise, the most important goals of the course are to gain more product knowledge about electrical engines and to know what is critical for these kinds of products to work. Erik Westbrandt, Verification Engineer at Aurobay via TMC: “I don’t work with electrical engines yet, but this will definitely happen in the future. It is great that through TMC I get the chance to gain deep knowledge about the topic and be ready for projects in Electromobility.”

Lifelong learning with the YOUniversity

The YOUniversity is one of the pillars of the Employeneurship model. All employees of TMC get an annual study budget that can be spend on courses and coaching. This is tailor made and the courses can be either to help people with soft- or hard skills. Louise: “To me it is very valuable that we are actively encouraged to keep developing ourselves. Besides the Electromobility Programme I’m following now, there is also room for personal development. Last year I also got to work on my soft skills by following courses about Excel and Project Management.”

Want to know more about the programme or working at TMC? Feel free to reach out:

Adam Lundin

Business Manager, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)709786965

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