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Employeneurship with a touch of humor

Lamers High Tech Systems specializes in the development, engineering, construction, qualification and implementation of installations, modules and machine parts for the transport and control of ultra-pure gases and liquids. These installations and products are manufactured under cleanroom conditions. TMC's Geert van Lin has the honor of temporarily filling the role of production manager of assembly in this rapidly growing production organization. Richard Wortelboer is operations manager at Lamers HTS. He gave Geert free rein.

Employeneurship philosophy

Richard: “We needed a new production manager in the broadest sense of the word. Not just someone who can manage a group of people, but also someone with the capacity to professionalize our operation. We already had good experiences with TMC, so the decision to go with TMC again was easily made.” Geert: “I've been called in to manage the assembly team of around 50 technicians and other staff, and to oversee the department. Furthermore, I'm tasked with drawing up and monitoring production KPIs in the areas of safety, quality, delivery reliability and cost. Besides directly managing the production, I have also implemented a number of improvement projects. What I like about Lamers is that it values entrepreneurship. This fits perfectly with TMC's own employeneurship philosophy. There is a lot of room for initiative and I also have the authority to implement them directly in the workplace. Lamers is an organization that is still very much in development and where people are the biggest asset. There's a pragmatic work ethic with enough room for humor. For me, this combination makes it a really fun job in a great company.”

People as working capital

“It's true what Geert says,” Richard points out. “Our production processes are fairly basic; our production tool is the people. This gives a sense of being part of a family at Lamers, which creates a special atmosphere and makes our organization unique. Employees aren't just a number; we put our people first. That culture suits Geert's own personality to a T. He is down to earth and is on par with all layers on the shop floor.”

Fasten your seatbelts for TMC & Oerlikon Eldim

Oerlikon Eldim manufactures and processes parts for aircraft engines. They resell these parts to parties which themselves supply engines to large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus. As there was a lack of capacity and appropriate competences in the analytical field, Eldim called in TMC. Michel Werts, Senior Process Engineer at TMC stepped on board to help improve the efficiency of Eldim’s production processes.

Curious about the whole story?

Tackling challenges

“Whether I also encounter challenges at Lamers? Definitely,” says Geert. “The biggest challenge is implementing the improvements that are needed in production and processes where the operational pressure is very high. Every week, we have more orders than (production) capacity. That means we have to be creative and work smarter. Finding the right balance between delivering output and setting up processes is a daily challenge.”

Be like Geert

Richard: “I've genuinely enjoyed working with Geert. He has really contributed to the growth of our organization. It took him a very short time to become a full-fledged production manager. Not only did he keep the department running, he expanded it with several FTEs. Geert seeks cooperation with people in the organization, brings colleagues together and takes initiative. Besides the fact that he's a professional, his process engineering background and experience make him a great addition to my team. I don't hire people to tell them what to do, I prefer them to tell me what to do, so they can do their job better. TMC senses that perfectly.”

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