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A one-of-a-kind program for talent management, personal coaching and training.

We highly value the capabilities of our workforce, which is why we developed an infrastructure to support all of our employeneurs in their personal and professional growth: the YOUrney. Our YOUniversity is a vital part of that, with training sessions and programs that will support you at every stage of your career – from the Onboarding Program to your personal improvement plan.

TMC Compass

To identify all the areas where your and TMC's passions overlap you'll be invited to complete some online tests. Of course, we will share the results with you. Face-to-face conversations with recruitment officers may shed additional light on our mutual interests. The test results will also come in handy for designing an individual plan to develop your personal and professional skills. This plan is your personal TMC Compass. And we will support you in following through with it.


The first few months are crucial for your success in a new working environment. Our Onboarding Program is designed to get you acquainted with all relevant aspects of the company and to help you get to know our people and what we stand for. Every part of the program combines both ‘thinking’ and ‘acting’. We will talk about vision, theories and strategy, and we’ll put it into practice.

Your personal coach

From day one, you can select a personal coach. This trained professional is there to help you implement your personal development plan, gather feedback and respond to it. He or she will help you to set your targets right, align your personal goals with company targets, and help increase your success in your assignments.

Soft skill training

TMC has a wide variety of programs designed to strengthen the competencies you need to succeed as an Employeneur. The topics range from communication, time-management and presentation, to the development of commercial skills.

Hard skill education

Based on the requirements of your current or future assignments, we can provide you with additional training in ‘hard skills’.

Employeneurship is based on 5 principles

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