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A long-term working relationship

With a permanent contract and focus on personal wishes and targets.

Should you work project by project, or commit to a single company for a long time? What choice will benefit your development the most? Despite our highly innovative field this question remains hard to answer. But not for TMC Employeneurs. We believe you can have your cake and eat it, because we believe in long-term relationships and commitment to our Employeneurs and clients alike. TMC can be your base for growth through diverse projects and multiple companies.

The best of both worlds

We offer you contractual continuity and a secure income. Your assignments take you to the heart of technology in large and small-scale companies, enabling you to stay focused on doing what you do best: driving technology forward. Meanwhile, TMC secures the continuity in your career by offering you – over different assignments – a long-term contract with excellent conditions.

Employeneurship is based on 5 principles

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