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Business cells

Specialized cells of Employeneurs, focused on high-tech niche competences, provide intensive engagement and knowledge exchange.

Our Employeneurs work from business cells based on technology expert fields. It’s an organizing principle that has proven itself to be resilient, inspiring, flexible and strong. Because of a cell’s limited size and maximum focus it functions as a high-grade knowledge network. And let’s not forget that it’s also simply a nice way to stay in touch with colleagues with a comparable background, who work on other projects.

Cell development as a joint effort

Every Employeneur is a fellow policy maker. The cell’s staff has insights in your market, the advancements in technology and the current issues you are facing. They’ll actively ask for your opinion and involvement. This structure makes for a vivid community revolving around technology and innovation. The quarterly meetings, all types of pizza sessions, Tech Tank sessions, Entrepreneurial Lab projects and many other less formal meetings give ample opportunity to sharpen the mind and share ideas and thoughts.

Employeneurship is based on 5 principles