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​ A ‘go’ for 3Beam at Eindhoven GLOW

“I feel at my best when I’m working outside of my comfort zone,” says TMC's Physics Employeneur Viktor Baukh. “Right now, I’m working on a project called ‘3Beam’. It has involved learning a lot of new skills – especially as I’m the project leader, architect and software developer – but I love to develop myself.”

More than 10 years ago, Viktor left the Ukraine to work as a PhD student in Applied Physics (he already had a Master of Science in Theoretical Physics) and to raise a family in the Netherlands. He got acquainted with TMC when he started working at TNO, a large research organisation. “Immediately, I felt that TMC was not just a regular agency. In that period, TNO had to let some employees go, and my contract finished. But thanks to TMC, I walked back in to my former office at TNO one day later – working on the same project, but now as an Employeneur.” 

At TMC, Viktor started work on a team project – ‘3Beam’ – at the TMC Entrepreneurial Lab. “The inspiration came during a traditional TMC brainstorming pizza session with a group of fellow Employeneurs. After the board of TMC approved the project, I became the project leader.” 

“3Beam is an interactive installation that uses light, Viktor says. “Three ‘beamers’ project lights and special effects. We use cameras and sensors at the moment, but the project is still evolving. This project presents us with many challenges. What makes it extra difficult is that what we are creating is intuitive – it’s part technology and part art, and not everyone is used to working like this. For me the biggest challenge is communicating effectively with my team members. I have to keep them up to date and reduce stress in the team.

The list of new things we have to learn within this project is quite large and, of course, we feel under pressure because of the large exposure of our project. But we are confident that we will succeed. Getting to design my own project – 3Beam – was a special experience. Our goal now is to participate at Eindhoven GLOW in November of this year, where our concept was positively received. We are also looking at other possible events for the future.”

“Getting to design my own project – 3Beam – was a special experience."

Viktor has recently become a Dutch citizen, and right now he is working at ASML – a large company in the semiconductor industry. He is a quick learner. “My CV gets broader and broader with every assignment. My aim is to become a more versatile professional. TMC helps me to obtain the personal development I need. I took part in the TMC masterclass, which is a 2-year program including hard and soft skills and entrepreneurial experience. If you use all the training and courses TMC offers, you will find that you have a lot of potential. This gives you the confidence and knowledge to be truly proactive, do things in the best possible way, and go sky high!”

Within the TMC Entrepreneurial Lab (TEL) our Employeneurs are given the opportunity and means to realize their own technological innovations which in some occasions even lead to their own startup company. The TEL is one of the five pillars of our Employeneurship model.

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