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Fasten your seatbelts for TMC & Oerlikon Eldim

Oerlikon Eldim manufactures and processes parts for aircraft engines. They resell these parts to parties which themselves supply engines to large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus. As there was a lack of capacity and appropriate competences in the analytical field, Eldim called in TMC. Michel Werts, Senior Process Engineer at TMC stepped on board to help improve the efficiency of Eldim’s production processes. Together with his manager Sylvain Mégard, he tells us about their cooperation that went sky high in no time.

Nano technology versus NPI

“Meanwhile, I have been working with TMC for 8 years,” says Michel. “First in the business cell “nanotechnology” and since a few years with NPI (New Product Introduction). The reason for my switch? I started with nanotechnology because it matched my education in chemistry, but my first assignment (with Philips Healthcare) had much more in common with NPI, so I automatically found more of a connection with the colleagues in this business cell. The great thing about TMC is that they always want the best for the Employeneur. Doing this gives you the chance to work along in other cells and switch if you like.”

More efficiency

“I have been working at TMC for 8 years now, and for the past 2.5 years I have really enjoyed working at Oerlikon Eldim. My focus is on improving the efficiency of the inner air seals, a very complex part of aircraft engines which has made Eldim's fortune. I have clearly mapped out how different process steps interact and what effect this has on the end product. I translated all the resulting data into conclusions for improvement. Additionally, I have created programs at Eldim to help us perform data analyses faster or to quickly map the stability of our production processes. I have also improved communications with our client in the past period. The client has even more confidence in Eldim now.”

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TMC employeneurs quickly up to speed at Thermofisher

Thermofisher’s biggest site in The Netherlands is in Eindhoven, TMC’s hometown. An excellent environment for TMC employeneurs to thrive. Especially within the R&D department, where Miriam Sandberg has made a soft landing, thanks to the long term relationship between Thermofisher and TMC.

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Above expectations

Sylvain Mégard is Head of NPD (New Part Development) at Oerlikon Eldim. He says: “There are two reasons why we have chosen TMC. The first is that TMC understands very well what we need and is able to match it with the right candidate. The second is that the quality of the candidates is always very high. TMC has a very good knowledge of the market, and also understands very well how an organization like Eldim works and what our needs are. Michel’s support is very valuable to our company. His results are above expectations. He is a nice person to work with, works independently and has found his ways through our complex organization. And Michel has had a strong added value in the team too. His way of working and his analytical approach, has showed the team that possibilities are not exhaustive. He has inspired and challenged our people to learn from him regarding data analysis, a field we needed to develop in our organization.”

The Employeneur first and foremost

“What I would also like to mention,” Sylvain continues, “is that I clearly notice that TMC finds it important that their employees feel good and can develop themselves. They make sure that our work is well coordinated, but they also want to know what possible points of improvement there are for Michel, so that they can work on them.” Michel adds to this: “Sylvain is right. TMC puts the Employeneur first and that is noticeable in everything they do. Especially in my first years, when I was still searching for the direction I wanted to go in the company, my personal coach was a great help. For my personal development, I recently followed a Leadership Development Program at TMC, a 10-day training on natural leadership. The training has given me an insight into who I am and how I work. It has helped me to improve working in a team.
It has also helped me to deal more easily with colleagues who have a different opinion and to find solutions together.
It is nice to have an employer who supports you so well in your personal development. If you ask me, I still have many things to do at TMC!”

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