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What your first year as an Employeneur could look like

Youri Nabben started working at TMC Manufacturing Support one year ago, right after graduating. Together we look back at his first year at TMC:

Making the right decisions for a kick start of my career

After graduating from my master’s degree in Operations Management & Logistics at the TU/e (before that I got a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering), I didn’t know exactly what kind of job I wanted. What I did know, was that it had to do with technology as well as processes. TMC helped me a lot with figuring out my career path: what do I want? What can I do? And most important: what makes me happy? The brainstorming sessions resulted into a job as a Production Engineer.

Finding a suitable project

On 1 April 2019, I started at Bosch Transmission Technology in Tilburg as Production Engineer. Bosch T.T. makes pushbelts for the automotive industry. As a Production Engineer it is my job to make sure the operators can work in a safe, smart, and convenient way. This requires insights in the steps of the process, knowledge of the machine, and an understanding of the whole production flow. All of this is combined with a lot of cooperation with e.g. the operators, which I enjoy very much as a social person.

Personal coaching for continuous growth

Next to the fact that TMC has helped me a lot with determining which path I wanted to take, they have been a great support during my first year. Every Employeneur gets the opportunity to choose their own path, and TMC is there to provide the support needed. I regularly talk to my Business Manager about how I am doing, what my challenges are and where I need help.

Every Employeneur gets an external personal coach. This is someone you can choose yourself and who is there for you to discuss anything business related or personal. TMC encourages me in my development through a wide range of training courses. In the past year I have been able to follow several workshops and there are still a number of exciting and very interesting ones waiting for me. I look back at a successful first year which I enjoyed a lot, also due to TMC. I grew as a professional and as a person! And I look forward to continuing this positive flow in the coming years.

Are you curious about what a career which is centered around you looks like? Or would you like more information about TMC Manufacturing Support? Feel free to contact Youri Nabben or Business Manager Laura de Waal.

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