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Jaap van der Heijden: TMC Employeneur, and owner of Superdoos.nl

The fact that TMC attributes great value to its Employeneurs, and in particular to their personal development, is demonstrated by the story of Jaap van der Heijden. Jaap is TMC Employeneur and works as Project Leader at Bosch Transmission Technology. He’s also part-time involved in his own company Superdoos.nl. “It’s absolutely not the case that TMC considers my own company as a threat, on the contrary. I’m even being coached and trained to maximize the profitability of my online box store.”

Jaap knew early on that he wanted to have his own company. Moreover, it was obvious to him it had to be an online shop. “De online world has always had my attention. The only thing I was looking for was a product that fit into the picture I had in mind. It must not be a finished product, because anybody could sell that. I believe that with custom-made products, I can make a difference.”

“I think there aren’t too many companies that encourage this as much as TMC does.”

Bespoke carton boxes The explosive growth of online purchases, has made the demand for suitable boxes increase tremendously. “To the consumer, a parcel delivered in a package that is much too big, doesn’t feel right. A suitable bespoke box doesn’t only prevent paper waste, but also that of filling material. Customers are looking for a ‘frustration deprived’ packaging and a gift unwrapping experience. Furthermore, there’s more room in a freight truck for custom-made boxes, thus saving driving time and mileage. That’s why with Superdoos.nl, I contribute not only to a positive customer experience, but also to a healthier environment, without the need for additional cost.”

How does Superdoos.nl work? The web site offers multiple box type configurations, such as the well-known American folding box, (FEFCO 0201). After inserting the desired dimensions, carton quality and number of boxes at Superdoos.nl, the customer will instantly obtain a quote. “It may take other box suppliers a few days for this,” says Jaap. “Besides, our minimum order quantity is 200 and we give a direct quote up until 5,000 pieces. Thanks to the automated processes we’re able to offer our custom-made boxes at a reduced price. Customers – varying from bakers and insect breeders to lighting and decoration experts – can reach out to us for virtually all box types and each carton quality. With Superdoos.nl I want to make purchasing boxes fun again. We stand for easy ordering, inexpensive boxes and quick delivery.”

TMC pizza session Recently, Jaap was invited to give a talk during a pizza session, about his own company and combining it with his job at TMC. “There was a lot of interest and the feedback I got was quite positive,” Jaap says proudly. “Since it’s considered as such a normal thing within TMC to have your own company, there’s no need to make it a secret; on the contrary! To have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs is of great added value to me. We help and inspire each other by discussing the entrepreneurship. I think there aren’t too many companies that encourage this as much as TMC does.”

Personal coach Jaap has now worked roughly two and a half years at TMC with great enthusiasm. “Important advantages are the variety in the job, a fixed education budget and profit sharing. But the fact that I, just like any other Employeneur, have got a personal coach at my disposal, is also a big benefit. Because it’s someone from outside TMC, I talk with her not only about my job at Bosch, but also about my private life and the challenges I encounter as an entrepreneur. Together with her I determine which goals I want to pursue eventually and which courses I need to take in order to achieve them. First class if you ask me!”

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