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Bosch Rexroth and TMC join forces to give Smart Industry a boost!

TMC and Bosch Rexroth are building an innovative partnership with the aim of giving Smart Industry a boost. This smart industry is the far-reaching digitization of devices, means of production and organizations. With the help of the latest technological possibilities, products are produced in a continuously innovative way and production at home becomes more attractive. The two companies explain how they became partners and what the added value is within Smart Industry.

‘As a Business Developer, I started studying the developments within Smart Industry four years ago,’ Ron van de Wiel of Bosch Rexroth says. ‘My goal is to put our organization on the map as an authority that can play a pioneering role. Smart Industry is starting to take its place in the Netherlands and more companies are willing to invest. However, finding the right candidates is a challenge. As a supplier of goods, Bosch Rexroth has developed smart applications, but does not have the right skills in-house to implement these technologies. Thanks to the collaboration with TMC, we are now able to offer a comprehensive solution to the market.’

During the SMART Symposium at Avans University of Applied Sciences in 2018, Ron spoke about his Smart Industry experiences as a guest speaker. Account Manager Thierry Debertrand from TMC Manufacturing Support and two Employeneurs were present at the event. Because they were impressed by the lecture they wanted to do a follow-up within TMC about this subject. Thierry continues: ‘TMC encourages Employers to make their dreams come true and I wanted to facilitate this idea. Moreover, I saw countless possibilities because of the knowledge and different disciplines within TMC. What started as an abstract idea eventually led to a concrete project.’

Realization of TMC Smart Industry Taskforce

TMC employees were invited to a brainstorming session about this subject. Thierry: ‘During this session it was explained that we are at the beginning of an industrial revolution, of which the first movements are already visible. Various ideas were brought to the light and a number of enthusiastic Employeneurs joined the team.’

The group continued as the ‘TMC Smart Industry Taskforce’ and developed a mission, vision and strategy. ‘This led to the idea of flexible and project-based deployment,’ Thierry continues. ‘This innovative concept means that we select TMC Employeneurs based on their competences who can become part of a project team in addition to their current project. They work for the client with a specific goal on a Smart Industry related project for a part of a day in the week. In this way we broaden our services and generate even more added value for customers.’

In addition to being a supplier of resources, TMC now also offers Smart Industry solutions. This detailed concept was tested in the market. ‘Our first interview was with Thomas Regout International. The positive feedback we received from them immediately led to a number of follow-up discussions and an initial assignment.’

First collaboration between Smart Industry Taskforce and Bosch Rexroth

Ron continues: ‘Vanderlande asked whether we could support them with a challenge called Next Level Automation to prepare the company for the future. This was the first collaboration between the Smart Industry Taskforce and Bosch Rexroth. Together with a TMC employee, a presentation was developed and pitched at Vanderlande. We emphasized how valuable our partnership is. Bosch has the technology and experience and TMC has the people. This has become the blueprint for how we approach customers as partners.’

‘Together they faced the challenge to train TMC Employeneurs for this type of project. ‘We have made a plan for customized training, which we will initially provide to the Task Force.
The goal is to see how you can transform the current industry in the Netherlands into Smart Industry. After this we will take a look at a Bosch factory, which is already a Smart Industry operation. Ultimately, we intend to offer this training to relevant customers so they can purchase the right Bosch products and TMC knowledge.’

‘In April of this year, Thierry and Ron shared their vision during the Tech in Motion Symposium at Avans University of Applied Sciences. ‘We wanted to show how the previous symposium initiated our partnership and where we stand in the field of Smart Industry,’ Ron says. ‘Thierry explained how TMC can contribute in terms of staffing.’ Thierry adds: ‘Smart Industry is also a Smart Organization, which not only focuses on technology, but also on an organizational and human level. In this way you create more support. Let's get moving together and give Smart Industry a boost!’

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