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Adding life to the days, where there are no more days to add to the life

Guest blog by John Rademaekers, Employeneur at TMC Industrial Automation

Wondering what good employeneurship is all about? What makes the difference between average and good? Being technically good so that you can serve your client at TMC? Being sure that you are worth the value they are paying for you? Developing yourself technically is just the minimum you should do. To excel you can do much more! It is more like living your life to the fullest possible in a healthy state as good as you can be. That is what employeneurship is all about!

From a much broader point of view, it means that you must:

  • Develop yourself physically (PQ)
  • Develop yourself mentally (IQ)
  • Develop yourself emotionally (EQ)
  • Develop yourself spiritually (SQ)

To me that is:

  • Doing my favourite sports (Chi Running & mountain biking) (PQ)
  • Taking healthy food and drinks (PQ)
  • Developing myself technically related (IQ)
  • Developing myself as a Life Coach @ TMC (EQ)
  • Developing my life as it is fulfilling for me (SQ)

That is all about me, but I do want to contribute to the life of others too (SQ):

  • Being a coach for people so I can support with my own life experience (SQ)
  • Being an inspiration on the fields I am strong at (SQ)
  • Being a volunteer at “stichting RopaRun” to contribute to the life of people who are not able to do stuff by themselves anymore (SQ)
“ADDING LIFE TO THE DAYS, WHERE THERE ARE NO MORE DAYS TO ADD TO THE LIFE” of i.e., cancer patients in the terminal phase of their lives.

At “stichting RopaRun” we are doing all kinds of actions to be able to support people and their families to have a “great end of their lives”. I urge you to answer this question for yourself:

Image your last day is today and you are going to die at 23:55. What is the one sentence you are thinking of that you would like people (who did know you well) to remember you by? While there are lots of people out there who are really approaching their last day but are not able anymore to fulfill something, they would really like, it is so rewarding for me to work for “stichting RopaRun”. Therefore, I do some actions by my selves to bring money for this purpose together.

Because I cannot do everything by myself, I do need help from you as a reader.

I am going to run the relay run called RopaRun this year in a team of 8 runners. Because of Corona measures it is unfortunately not from Paris to Rotterdam but a shorter round, all in the Netherlands. For more information, please visit Being an employeneur myself, I donate a certain percentage of what I earn to “stichting RopaRun” and of course I can never decide how you feel about that…

I urge you to visit this part of the website ( and visit our teams page and please donate what you can miss. I know from own experience that your donation arrives at the right place and is really used for people (like we all have around us) in their terminal phase of their lives. Asking them the question: “how do I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED” but can’t change that much more anymore…

Want to know how the Relay run works? Visit my site and watch this short movie (2 minutes) Employeneurship is so much more than only “doing your job”. Being an entrepreneur comes much closer to that but even that… How do YOU want to be remembered?

Thank you very much for reading this article and as I hope that you are going to contribute to other peoples lives as I am doing my selves. Take your advantage from this article, also if it is not donating to this charity.

John Rademaekers
PLC software engineer @TMC industrial automation &
NAC Life Coach @JohnsHolistic &
Volunteer @Stichting RopaRun

Marco Haasjes

Director Industrial Automation, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 22 37 95 52

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