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With nanotechnology, we can change the fundamental characteristics of materials: clothing that is impossible to stain, or roads that can repair themselves. Practically every product on today’s market can be improved using nanotechnology. So, as the use of nanotechnology is already common practice in the semiconductor industry, it won’t be long before it is used in practically every other industry too.

With Nanovations we help organizations innovate using nanotechnology. We scope and develop new products and processes in co-creation and validate them with you. We apply our expertise in nanotechnology research and development in a systematic way and complement it with our extensive partner network. Please find our services below:


A solution expert will set up a session with you and a team of Employeneurs from the field to identify your challenges and come with well-founded feedback on possible technical solutions or improvements for your product or process. The result of the Quickscan will be an overview of where in your processes or product nanotechnology has an added value for you.

Scoping - Identification of the relevant process or product and your nanovation needs
Preparation - Prepare with our 600+ technical experts
Solving/ Tech tank - Joint meeting with a selected team of employeneurs to identify solutions
Reporting - Describing the technical opportunities for your nanovation and discuss next steps

Business development

Are you reaching your target market? Are you looking for an external view on your technology? Want to gain additional partners for your innovations? We can help you with complementing your activities by identifying new leads, connecting you with our network and scoping out new applications. 

Scoping - Identification of the relevant process or product and your nanovation needs
Preparation - Prepare with our 600+ technical and 100+ commercial experts
Solving/ Tech tank - Joint meeting with a selected team of specialists to identify opportunities
Reporting - Describing the market opportunities and discuss next steps

Nanotechnology scouting

Do you have a technological demand in your business and need help with finding the right solution? With technology scouting we will help you finding this solution. We will scout the technological landscape for marketed or pre-marketed solutions and identify what exactly is needed to fit these technologies to your demand. The rapid change in emerging technology markets heightens the importance of scouting for and incorporating nanotechnologies from the innovation ecosystem. Our experts will help you to identify, evaluate, and exploit emerging technologies in your own industry as well as those outside of your core knowledge area. We form the team best suited for your specific needs, bringing you up to date on new and innovative research.

Scoping - Identification of your nanovation need
Scouting - Scout potential solutions within and beyond our partner network
Prioritize and categorize solutions - Select for: Technological fit, readiness, Budget, Organization needs
Define potential implementations - Describing the best fitting technical solutions

Nanovation implementation

We help you make your nanovation project a success by supplying the right expertise and by applying best practice in project management and technology development. As we speak the same language, we communicate about state-of-the-art technical demands to any client or supplier. On of our 600+ employeneurs will be the perfect fit to push your project forward. We will take care of your project with our entrepreneurial mindset and your interest at heart. Implementation can include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • State-of- the-art knowledge on the nanotechnology
  • Technical supplier management
  • Project management
  • Internal communication and implementation
  • Aftercare

Application areas

  • Food&Agriculture 
  • Energy 
  • Transport 
  • Health Applications 
  • ICT, Displays & Lighting 
  • Construction 
  • Environment 
  • Paper & Textiles 
  • Chemical 

More info

If there is anything you would like to know more about the Nanovations services, please fill in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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