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Application Lifecycle Management

Access to the right information is key to success. If only it were that simple… Companies often have loads of information available, but no way to get hold of it. Often this is a consequence of having multiple tools that are not integrated and the lack of an easy search feature. Luckily, there are tried and tested ways to put the information back in the spotlight, and to let processes, instructions and tools take a step back.

Vad är ditt nästa steg? Vi kan hjälpa dig med det

The power of knowledge - and collaboration

We offer ALM-related consultancy in collaboration, knowledge management and change management. Companies that want to implement new ALM tools, as well as companies who are looking to use their existing ALM tools more efficiently, have benefited from TMC’s ALM consultancy services.

We also excel in training for products and tools such as GIT and Atlassian. As a proud Atlassian Expert Partner, our experience with and enthusiasm for the Atlassian Tool Suite makes us your perfect partner for the selection and purchasing, installation and configuration, deployment and adoption, of the Atlassian tools.  


A solution where one source of truth exists. That’s what we strive for. And that takes a thorough analysis of the different information sources. Luckily, we are experienced in the areas of medical, automotive, mobile, embedded and infra technologies, which gives us a definite lead. We are growing rapidly and hiring in the areas of ALM and Configuration Management.



The specialists of TMC ALM, an Atlassian Platinum Solution partner, work in dedicated teams to support our clients with all things Atlassian. You can become the next member of this team. Are you able to uncover all the secrets of the Atlassian tools? Can you use your knowledge and experience to gain insight in customer processes, culture and tools to steer teams in the right direction? Do you get satisfaction from tackling customer problems and delivering the right solution? If so, you are the person we are looking for.

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Meet the team

To know everything you need to know (and be more successful), we offer a wide variety of products, tools and services around the areas of collaboration, knowledge management and change management - and the business sense and experience to make the best choices for ALM.

Åsa Åhlander

CEO, Sweden

Tel: +46(0)70 377 03 58