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Young professional @ Fokker Aerostructures

After my studies Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Product Design, I worked for several companies and gained working experience", Sjors Pijpers starts his introduction. "In March 2013, TMC contacted me and asked me to work for one of its clients. I was given the opportunity to conduct my own acquisition and get in touch with companies I wanted to work for. Via one of those networks I got introduced at Fokker Aerostructures in Papendrecht, which is responsible for making parts of aircrafts and helicopters. I started as a Project Lead Industrialisation for the Gulfstream G650 Empennage program, working on the reduction of cost of goods and several technical process improvements. After one year, I got the opportunity to become Project Lead Quality for programs of their American client Gulfstream. Gulfstream is known for the world’s most advanced business jet aircraft that is currently breaking all records in the industry. At Fokker, we are responsible for making the empennages for the G550 and G650 and fuselage panels for the G650."

With his 27 years Sjors is a young Project Lead. "Fokker has a relatively young staff. That makes it a very dynamic working environment", Sjors explains. TMC presented me a course in Project Management and that helped a lot to be a successful Project Lead."

"In my position as Project Lead Quality, I am the client’s single point of contact for all quality cases. What I like about being a Project Lead is that I get to work with a lot of people in a technical environment. Moreover, I correspond with several people abroad on a daily basis. I like the international aspect about my job a lot and believe a large company offers many opportunities. I am very happy with the opportunities TMC offered me to enhance my current position. My ideals for the future are to keep developing myself as an all-rounder, in order to be of added value for more clients, maybe working for some at the same time."

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