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Women power in science

Hilal Ercin works as an Aerospace Engineer at TMC High Tech Systems, she is currently working on a project at Moog B.V. Originally, Hilal is from Turkey, where she was born and raised. "Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the sky and it was my dream to become an astronaut!" Hilal tells. "That is why I did my bachelor and masters in Aerospace Engineering. After my graduation, I went to Portugal to become a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Composites Field at the Mechanical Engineering Department of FEUP at the University of Porto. I also worked as a researcher for an Airbus project. Because my husband is Dutch, I eventually wanted to work in The Netherlands after my PhD. When a friend of my husband’s told me about TMC, I applied for a job and started working as an Aerospace Engineer at TMC’s High Tech Systems."

"I am involved in a one-year project with the Control Loading System Team at Moog’s Simulation Group," she continues. "So far, I have learnt tuning, testing and model development of control loading systems and I have done 4 projects in the simulation industry. Eventually, I would like to have a job which is more related to my PhD degree and to get a more active position. This means finding a good balance between technological and social phases of the aerospace industry."

Technology is quite a men’s world. Hilal says: "I was actually surprised when I noticed that the people I work with were mainly men, because in Portugal and Turkey I had many more female colleagues! I figured they were just as surprised when a female engineer started to work at Moog! Nevertheless, I am very confident about my job and working in science. Although I miss my family and friends, I want to build up my life here. I like the multicultural aspect of this country and the fact that Dutch people are very open-minded to foreigners and have an easy-going mentality. If I could make one wish, I would love to see more women in science! Therefore, I would like to encourage women to go and work in technology, because I believe we would be even more creative and successful if more women got involved. I would welcome more women power in science and technology!"

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