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Wind turbine control design

TMC Mechatronics development engineer Kees-Jan Zandsteeg is working at STX Windpower in Lelystad. The desired outcomes of his project on wind turbine control design are to develop and integrate the prototype of the STX 93c prototype wind turbine.

Kees-Jan: “I started at STX Windpower in January 2012. STX Windpower designs and manufactures Direct Drive (i.e. no gearbox) Multi MegaWatt wind turbines. The main goal of my assignment was to develop a wind turbine controller that could be used in their future wind turbines. A supplier delivered the wind turbine controller used in the previous products and there was very little knowledge at STX about wind turbine controle design, the way turbines are controlled. The main goal of a wind turbine controller is to control the power production and the loads at the wind turbine. One can optimize the wind turbine controller for the specific needs of each wind turbine. For example, one can optimize power production or load reduction.”

“In this project, I closely cooperate with the load engineer (who performs the load calculations), the software engineer, suppliers and institutes. I use my knowledge, skills and experience to develop STX’s control competence. I aim at integrating the control design in the overall design process.

TMC is the place to be for ambitious people. Kees-Jan says: “It is my ambition to become a mechatronics / systems architect. Therefore, I wish to broaden my knowledge. I like drawing up plans on a system level and weigh the multidisciplinary interests. As I would like to improve my communicative skills, I am going to attend a TMC Master Class, which is a step in the right direction towards understanding the issues of related disciplines.”

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