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Wilco Dahles sets his goals

Wilco Dahles tells about his experiences and personal development when he started working at TMC Field Service.

In 2009 you started working at TMC. What was your main goal?

“When I got a challenging assignment at NXP in Nijmegen, my first question for TMC was: How soon can I be employed by NXP? My main goal was to be part of NXP. I thought that could not be possible while working for TMC. In that period I was able to introduce a newly developed machine for the NXP factory in Asia. I prepared the whole machine validation and introduction planning. Afterwards, I received many credits from the client in Asia and NXP. I felt like a real member of the NXP company.”

How would you describe the corporate culture at TMC?

“After I finished my assignment I ended my contract; wanted to explore the world outside of TMC. I started for a Dutch firm in Germany. After a few months, I realised that I had made the wrong choice. The company culture did not fit my personality and goals. I missed the informal and open communication at TMC. I contacted TMC and started to work at VDL-ETG, the builders of die bonders for NXP.”

What is your expertise?

“I have a lot of experience in building and testing high-tech machines and qualifying them before they are shipped to our customer. Besides that I train employees who operate them and show them how to solve complex technical problems.”

What is your actual project?

“I am currently working on the research and development of a state-of-the-art project called 'Extreme Ultra Violet Light Source' at ASML, a large international company in the semiconductor industry. The machine involved can produce light which is not visible to the human eye. A problem solving infrastructure has to be developed and requirements have to be made. On top of that, I share technical knowledge with our customer support department, so they are provided with the right skills, processes and knowledge to help out customers when needed.”

What makes TMC so challenging?

“TMC is unique because of the possibility to make individual agreements and the contribution to personal development. For example, my TMC coach helps me to develop my communicative and debating skills, which I can use in my daily activities at ASML and through a membership of the Member Cooperation (a sort of employees' council) and maintain TMC employees’ interests at the same time. In October of this year I was elected chairman of the MC. My main goal is to develop the MC to become a significant part of TMC and work closely with the executive board for a strong TMC company.”

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