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Version management

Mark de Bont (of TMC Test & Integration) is configuration manager at Bosch Security Systems in Eindhoven. Since his start in October last year he has supported development teams that are responsible for the creation of the image pipe firmware in the new IP-based cameras. Image pipe firmware is part of the software that is responsible for the quality of the image for some of the state-of-the-art High Definition IP security cameras used around the world.

Clearcase, the company's system for version management that is used for the storage of the code and software of all the departments, will be replaced obsolete next year. Therefore, Mark is now working on a smooth transition to the successor in version management: the open source versioning software GIT. Bosch already uses the Atlassian tool suite. GIT is a perfect match, but the job is challenging. Some of the projects are simple whereas others are very complex and have a lot of legacy code that is sometimes up to 10 years old, and still performing everyday tasks.

"The first small projects have been successfully migrated to GIT", Mark states, "and everybody is happy with the new technology in place."

For Mark TMC’s value is evident: "Meeting up with my colleagues at TMC Test & Integration allows me to exchange knowledge on tooling and best practices from colleagues who are active in other companies. In the end, these exchanges are beneficial to both my customer and me."

Besides his 'migration project', Mark has started an initiative to improve the quality and robustness of the company's development environment by defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and by virtualization of existing hardware. This helps to remove the fragile dependence between hardware and software and supports the drive to deliver products in time.

"My job gives me opportunities for improving configuration management standards and ultimately helps Bosch to improve the quality of its products. That is quite rewarding.", he concludes.

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