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Turn passion into profession

"I experienced my very first interaction with technology when I was five years old," Employeneur Jos de Bel says. "One day, my parents brought home one of the first versions of a personal computer and left it unconnected in the living room that evening. The following morning, they found me sitting there, playing a game on the computer which I had miraculously installed myself by connecting all the plugs. That was definitely the day my passion for technology was born!"

These days, Jos is working as a Software Consultant at TMC Embedded Software and is hired by Mapscape, an independent supplier of business-to-business services for the production of location-based content. "I am implementing new conversion software for map data according to the NDS standard," Jos tells. "For the projects I work on, I use Scrum: a flexible way to create (software) products, which is part of the Agile software development. The Scrum method is based on multidisciplinary teams that work in short sprints, with a fixed length of a few weeks including interim test-phases. Therefore, Scrum is used to make processes more tangible and visible and ensures ready-to-use products for clients."

"Due to my knowledge of and enthusiasm about Scrum, I am currently working on the introduction of this method at TMC customers." Together with my colleague Mark Robinson, I have organized four pizza sessions for TMC Employeneurs and clients, in order to learn how Scrum could benefit different projects. We also introduced Scrum to the TMC Sales team, who are now successfully using the Scrum method to improve their effectiveness and cooperation. It has been a great joy and succes this far! I would like to continue sharing knowledge in the future and combining technical and social aspects, to provide the best solutions for both the company and the client. Working as an Employeneur gives me the opportunity to act as an entrepreneur, with the support of a bigger company that offers me structure and development through coaching and training. I am very lucky to turn passion into profession!’

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