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TMC supports Etulipa

The Dutch company Etulipa has developed color displays reflecting sunlight, just like paper does, with environmental benefits such as low power consumption and reduced light pollution in order to overcome the disadvantages of LED billboards.

Today’s digital LED billboards emit an intense light to overpower daylight, which results in light pollution. Furthermore, researchers warn that this unnatural light may compromise safety on the road due to driver distraction. Thirdly, LED screens are far from environmentally friendly as they consume much energy. For instance, a LED-based digital billboard typically consumes more energy than thirty average households. Consequently, cities like Houston, Texas have capped or totally banned digital billboards.

At the heart of Etulipa's solution lies a revolutionary display technique, called Electrowetting Display Technology (watch YouTube). This technology relies on the surface tension of liquids and uses a low, applied voltage to cause oil to spread or contract. The fact that only small electrical currents are necessary, makes these displays highly energy efficient.

Account manager Maarten Guns explains: "Initially one of TMC’s senior Employeneurs was assigned as project leader to coordinate this critical industrialization phase from prototyping to high volume production. The reasons why Etulipa chose TMC for a partner in this project, is first of all the (flexible) availability of an experienced project leader. Besides that, TMC offers a great diversity of competences, such as Mechanical, Chemical, Electronics, Nanotechnology, Production Engineering and NPI experts that can easily be involved on demand.”

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