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TMC Spain: Digital is no longer an opportunity, but a necessity

‘Digital transformation is a hot topic in Spain’, says Berenger Briquez – Head of the Business Unit at TMC Spain. ‘Going digital is no longer merely an opportunity to gain a competitive edge; it has become essential for keeping companies on track.’ In order to help organizations with their digital transformation, TMC Spain have created a new cell: Digital & Big Data. 

Leading the Business Unit, Berenger’s mission is to help organizations with their digital transformation: ‘We help companies adapt to the newest challenges and allow them to make the most of their business, thanks to cutting-edge technologies and our exclusive sourcing model, based on Employeneurship.’

‘TMC is a brand new adventure’, says Berenger. ‘Not just for me, but for the whole country. We’ve never had anything like the employeneurship model over here before.’ It’s something of a revolution, but it’s a revolution that the country and the market is ready for, says Berenger: ‘The adventurous part of working as an entrepreneur, backed by the stability of a long-term contract, an attractive remuneration with profit sharing, some coaching, training and our entrepreneur lab, is hugely appealing to our future employeneurs.’ 

TMC Digital & Big Data aims to be the most valuable technological sourcing partner. That term is chosen carefully, says Berenger: ‘The idea behind the technological part is that we provide a broad range of experts and competencies. The sourcing part is aimed at getting the right expert for a specific project. Lastly, we use the term ‘partner’ instead of  ‘consultancy’ to highlight how closely we work together with our clients.’

Like its name promises, the new cell focuses on two separate, sometimes overlapping, fields: Digital & Big Data. 

Digital In - Digital Out

The Digital part is divided into Digital In and Digital Out, Berenger explains. ‘Digital In stands for the digital transformation within the company: the ways to visualize the data, for instance by developing a new dashboard. Digital Out is focused on the way a company handles the data outside of the company, for instance in the field of Digital Marketing, but also in the Internet of Things or in the Industry 4.0: the way connected objects collect and exchange data within the company’s ecosystem.’ The new cell also provides support in Machine Learning, MDM (Mobile Device Management), DMP (Data Management Platform), M2M (Machine to Machine) – to name just a few areas.

‘With Big Data, we help our clients transform and interpret streams of information. We accompany them at every step of the process – from data collection, to data storage, data analysis, and then the last step of data visualization. We provide experts at every stage of the journey and we manage the whole project with a dedicated team.’ 

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