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TMC project 3BEAM on International Light Art Festival GLOW Eindhoven 2018

Eindhoven – 3BEAM, a light art project of a group of TMC Employeneurs will be part of the International Light Art Festival GLOW 2018 in Eindhoven. 3BEAM is an artistic and interactive concept that brings light art and technology together in a unique experience. By projections of the three basic colors of light the audience will be able to create their own projection of colors and shapes. GLOW will take place from November until November 17 2018 and is accessible for free.

‘We have not seen a project like 3BEAM on GLOW before. The unique collaboration of the technical professionals of TMC and the light projections in different colors with the interaction of the audience, are why we choose 3BEAm to be part of the festival,’ Ronald Ramakers, director of GLOW explains. ‘The experience of light and technology are very important for our festival. There must be a story behind an installation. Next to that we aim to be a festival with high quality installations. We see TMC as a partner to collaborate with the coming years. GLOW stands for innovation in technology and light art. Within TMC there is a lot of technical knowledge and expertise. Artists do not nearly have this high level of expertise. So by bringing them together we hope we will be able to bring light art to the next level.’

About 3BEAM The fact that light consists of three primary components – red, green and blue – is the base of the 3BEAM project. By splitting the light into these three colors and projecting it with smart technology and camera’s, it is possible to create unique projections. 3BEAM wants to challenge the audience to use their creativity, play with their shadows and the light to be part of the light art themselves.

Cross borders The idea for 3BEAM arose during one of the many pizza sessions. An important pillar within TMC is the possibility for technical professionals to realize their own innovative ideas. They can do this in their own time within the TMC Entrepreneurial Lab. ‘This is an environment in which we give our Employeneurs room to play and stimulate multi-disciplinary co-operation. We are convinced that by doing so we motivate our professionals to think across borders and develop entrepreneurial skills. In that way TMC Employeneurs distinguish themselves from other technicians,’ according to Ronald van Gerwen, CEO TMC The Netherlands. ‘It is really great that an organization like GLOW recognizes this. With art perhaps you do not immediately think about technology. But technology is all around us. A project like 3BEAM and a collaboration with GLOW and TMC are therefore a great fit together.”

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