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TMC: Maximizing efficiency as well as quality

‘I like a good challenge,’ says Sjoerd Brienen, a TMC Employeneur and Project Manager at Van Doren Engineers. ‘As soon as I’ve mastered something, I’m already looking ahead.’ Sjoerd’s desire for new challenges, and for honing his skills step by step, is reflected in his career path: ‘I’ve taken the long road,’ he says with a smile.

After finishing his studies in the electro-technical field, he switched to Industrial Automation and began working as a software engineer in the pharmaceutical industry.

‘At the start of my career, I took on a more technical role. Slowly, I discovered the pleasure of having a bit more responsibility, and I took the step to Technical Project Manager and Project Manager.’

March 2015 marked yet another step forward in his career: Sjoerd started working at TMC. He was interested in gaining more experience in the commercial field and felt that TMC would offer him the best opportunity to do this, giving him both the space to find his own way in a new field, and the guidance to keep him on the right track.

So far, Sjoerd is happy with the choice he made. The contact with clients, the process of negotiation, and the commercial side in general, provide plenty of challenges, as does motivating a team. Sjoerd doesn’t think of himself as an authoritative leader – he knows from experience that a less strict approach leads to a better atmosphere at work, and therefore to better results.

‘I like self-regulating teams. I always try to give everyone in the team the freedom to fully develop their talents and the responsibility they deserve.’

Since November 2015, Sjoerd has worked at Van Doren Engineers, a leading company within the industrial automation sector. As one of Van Doren’s Project Managers, Sjoerd currently supervises two projects.

‘One project is for MSD, in Oss. Our work there is mainly hardware-related. We are completely responsible for several electrical installations. The full spectrum: from wiring a lightbulb to installing a transformer.’

As Project Manager, Sjoerd is responsible for the schedule, the finances and, last but not least, the quality of the work.

The second project he supervises is for DMV in Veghel, part of FrieslandCampina, and a leading company in the Performance and Lifestyle Nutrition and Dairy field.

‘That project is more software-related. The product is put through several stages, and every stage requires new software. I am responsible for the development of the right software.’

To get the most out of his team, Sjoerd uses the Scrum method, whereby the project is divided into short three-week sprints. Sjoerd oversees the daily talks between the programmers. The remaining to-dos are scheduled and re-evaluated every day, during a daily Scrum.

To Sjoerd, this method is highly effective. It reflects a key aspect of his own management style and of TMC’s success: ‘Constantly keeping track of our progress, always finding new ways to maximize the efficiency as well as the quality.’

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