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TMC Masterclass: The best teachers from every discipline

After two successful High Tech Systems Creation TMC Masterclasses, this unique program is now running again for a third time. Fifteen specially selected Employeneurs will come together for two days every month over two years to demystify the process of creating High Tech Systems. They will learn how to better understand the process, the disciplines involved, the challenges, and the roles that all of the stakeholders play. Ad Vermeer is one of the teachers on the Masterclass and helped set up the curriculum.

Solving real cases

“When the Masterclass started I was still an Employeneur at TMC; now I work for myself but I still teach on the Masterclass. In the class, we almost always work with real-life cases. You can find a lot of information about how High Tech Systems work in books, but the true creation of High Tech Systems is something you can only learn by doing it. All of the teachers on the class have a lot of experience, and the best way for us to pass on that knowledge is to throw the students in at the deep end with some problems that actually occurred in real life. That way, students have to come up with their own solutions. And after they have done that, we show them how the case was resolved at the time.”

Creative creation

“So the key word in ‘High Tech Systems Creation’ is the creation. I’m in charge of the first two introductory days. I also do blocks on how to identify a Business Case and on Creative Techniques. The creative process can sometimes feel mystifying and elusive, but there are many different ways to come to a creative solution to a problem. A lot of Employeneurs work at big companies and are never part of the first step of creating a new system. Every system that is being devised is an attempt to solve a particular problem. Finding these solutions is something you can learn, and numerous techniques can help you do that. For instance, when you begin by thoroughly challenging the problem definition before trying to solve it, your success rate at finding creative solutions skyrockets.“

Great experience

“The Masterclass is a great example of how TMC truly invest in their Employeneurs. TMC has sought out the best teachers in every discipline. And if they could not be found within TMC, they brought in external teachers. It’s very rare to have the opportunity to be taught by a set of such high-quality and experienced teachers, with such a deep understanding of their own field. You don’t get that in any other class, or even at a university. Being together with a group of passionate teachers and other students for two whole years also really helps to broaden your network. It’s truly a great experience in so many ways and it’s something you can proudly put on your CV.”

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