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TMC Masterclass: A unique journey into other disciplines

This year, another 15 employeneurs have begun the High Tech Systems Creation TMC Masterclass. This is the third time this unique Masterclass has run. The employeneurs come together for two days each month over two years to get better insights into other disciplines, the dynamics of projects, and the roles other stakeholders play and the challenges they face.

Understanding other specialisms

The creator of the Masterclass is Edwin de Zeeuw, Director of TMC Mechatronics. Edwin: “One of TMC’s strong points is its cell structure, in which we bring together technicians with the same expertise to share knowledge and improve networking. At the same time we noticed a need – especially within our younger employeneurs – for greater understanding of other technical specialisms. Many technicians working in Mechatronics, Physics, Electronics, Mechanical and Software Engineering are very well educated within their own field, but sometimes less informed about the work of the people around them. Technicians from different fields speak different languages; our Employeneurs wanted to be able to communicate more effectively with a variety of specialists while also broadening their own horizons. That need, together with all the wide and in-depth knowledge we have here at TMC, was the start of the TMC Masterclass.”

The Masterclass structure

“The Masterclass is organised into three phases. In phase one, we immerse the students for two full days in each of the disciplines: Physics, Mechatronics, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering and Software. In phase two, we look at all of the stakeholders that are active during projects. We study Project Management, Technical Marketing, Business Research, Research and Development and Engineering. We talk about specific business cases and look at them from every angle to appreciate each stakeholder’s point of view. And finally in phase three, we let the students work together on their own projects. This could be an idea they came up with themselves, or an important but not time-critical problem with a client or maybe an university valorisation project. We let them analyse the business case of their project and its feasibility. It’s very different to the work they usually do, and it’s great to see how they tackle all of the different challenges that come up.”

Offering added value to employeneurs

“The Masterclass creates an ideal atmosphere for sharing knowledge, networking and collaboration between disciplines. I know that the people who did the class in 2012 still talk to each other regularly. It’s a great opportunity for us to offer added value to our junior and medior employeneurs, and at the same time it’s a platform for seniors to use their knowledge to help others broaden their abilities. It’s a place where we invest in the careers of young employeneurs and where employeneurs invest in themselves. Young employeneurs get a better grasp of the bigger picture and so become more effective in their work. They also begin to build their reputations, which helps to attract potential clients.”

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