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TMC event Atlassian “state of the union 2015”

“Access to the right information and efficient collaboration are the keys to the success of companies and teams.” This is the vision of TMC ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), a separate division of TMC Test & Integration. To enable clients to get access to the right information at the right time and help them collaborate efficiently, TMC ALM offers a wide range of products and services in the field of process improvement, information management, collaboration as well as tool & system architecture and integration. Furthermore TMC ALM is an Atlassian Enterprise Expert partner. Atlassian is a leading company in software development and collaboration tools. To inform clients and (potential) users about the newest possibilities and latest developments of the Atlassian tools and software, TMC ALM organized an interactive Atlassian user event.

On November 27th over 30 guests gathered at the location of TMC Eindhoven. Daan van der Stek, Account Manager TMC Test & Integration, started the event with a kick-off in which he introduced TMC ALM and the purpose of the event. ‘As TMC ALM we have developed into a recognized business within TMC. In 2012 we became an Atlassian partner and from that moment on we worked closely together in several outstanding projects. TMC attends many Atlassian (related) events, including the annual global user event of Atlassian, called the Atlassian Summit. During this event we catch up on the latest developments and look for answers for Atlassian related (user) questions. The success of these events and the value it delivers to customers has inspired us to organize our own interactive user event: TMC's Atlassian “State of the Union 2015”. The goal of this event is to inform our clients and about important and future updates of the Atlassian products and services. Furthermore, in this event we take the opportunity to share our vision of how Atlassian users can benefit from these developments. Maybe the most important driver for organizing this event is to offer participants the opportunity to interact with other Atlassian users, with TMC ALM and the representatives of Atlassian who are present at this event.'

After the introduction, TMC’s Willem-Jan van Asseldonk, ALM Specialist, continued the event with a presentation in which he talked about the development of the Atlassian software tools. Last year, Atlassian received over 160.000 customer feedback items which made them decide to improve their tools in five areas: Performance, Simplicity, Scale, Mobile and Integration. Willem-Jan mentioned the various and future improvements of the tools per area. After a small break Atlassian’s Jack Verstappen, Technical Account Manager, gave a presentation in which he introduced and explained the Atlassian (Coding) Culture. In the following presentation TMC’s Marco Peters, Atlassian specialist, presented the introduction of JIRA 7. JIRA 7 is broken down in three separate products, JIRA Software for software teams, JIRA Service Desk for service teams and JIRA Core for business teams. In the last presentation Daan highlighted the possibilities and advantages of “HipChat”, an Atlassian tool that can be used for group and private chat, file sharing and which can integrate with many different other tools. The series of presentations concluded with a summary of the opportunities and threats for the Atlassian users. During all the presentations and breaks, there was a lot of interaction between Atlassian users, Atlassian employees and TMCers.

Sharing experience
After the presentations, all guests were invited for an informal drink at the TMC Pub. DJ Kanban (TMC ALM Consultant Bert van Dijk) entertained the audience with music, played and mixed via an Atlassian JIRA Kanban board. In the meantime the guests had the time to catch up and to share information and experiences. One visitor, a Senior Project Manager at one of the Netherlands’ largest tech-enterprises* was very enthusiastic about the event. ‘At our company we are using the Atlassian tools JIRA and JIRA Agile since 2014. Before that we used tools from several software vendors, which didn’t fully cooperate with each other. With JIRA and JIRA Agile we have a clear and effective working method for our project teams. TMC ALM has played a major role in realizing this. Because we are always looking for improvement and like to stay updated, we were very happy with the organization of this event. Moreover, we liked the possibility to discuss specific Atlassian related issues.’

Positive evaluation
This visitor was not the only guest who was enthusiastic about the event. Daan: ‘After the event we have carried out an evaluation in which participants gave feedback on the organization, utility, information and added value of the user event. Given the positive feedback we can conclude that the guests appreciated the event and are looking forward to the next one. Furthermore we received tips on how we can improve our future events. This has strengthened us in our decision to organize user events on a regular basis. During these events we not only want to present the newest information and developments, but also dive into some specific subjects such as end to end Software testing or the pro's and cons of using Atlassian add-ons. We are using the feedback to surpass this year’s event in the next one!’

For more information about TMC ALM as an Atlassian Enterprise Expert Partner, please contact Daan van der Stek (06-10178862 / or visit the website:

*Due to media guidelines TMC is not allowed to mention the name of the person nor the company.

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