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The power of knowledge

Companies often have important information available but not in a way that provides easy access for all persons involved. For instance, people struggle to find the right information because they do not know where to look for and also they are missing an easy accessible search feature. To get access to the right information at the right time, TMC offers their clients several technical solutions in application/product life-cycle management (ALM) and combined all knowledge in a specialized ALM-branch in the business cell Test & Integration. On the basis of “information is key”, around fifteen ALM Consultants provide a wide range of solutions and services to TMC’s clients among the lines of easy access to information and successful collaboration.

A recent project of ALM is “Vikipedia” derived from a successful collaboration between ALM and Vanderlande. ALM Consultants Marco Peters and Willem-Jan van Asseldonk worked together in this project with Knowledge Consultant Lyset den Blijker from Vanderlande. Lyset explains: ‘Vanderlande grows exponentially, that’s why we wanted to create a solution to keep all employees worldwide updated with actual information and give them the ability to share knowledge in an easy way. We organised a pitch in which we were inspired by the presentation held by TMC and their technical solutions supported by Atlassian (one of TMC’s Expert Partners in software development and collaboration tools, red.). We had some experiences with TMC Employeneurs working on projects of Vanderlande in the past and were very positive about this new way of collaboration!’

‘We started the project with the creation of a central knowledge base that is open to all Vanderlande offices worldwide,’ Marco explains. ‘Like Wikipedia, the central knowledge base is accessible to everyone and has the ability to add and edit information. Moreover, it encourages collaboration between the several departments and offices. Employees can make use of the information and knowledge of others – and as a result of this – provide clients worldwide with the best solutions. The knowledge base is built with Confluence, one of Atlassians products.’ ‘We started in April 2014 with a pilot in the sales department – which was very successful – and after that, went on with the further implementation of Vikipedia,’ Lyset adds to this. ‘And however it will take some time for everyone to adapt, I already get great responses and see how positive it influences the worldwide collaboration!’

‘Marco and Willem-Jan have done a great job guiding us through the process, making an architecture for the project and setting out the several activities,’ Lyset continues. ‘They have delivered a great result and we look back on a successful collaboration that has led to a new project for Vanderlande!’ ‘Vikipedia has shown the added value of ALM and the power that knowledge has,’ Marco adds to this. ‘We’re very happy with the result and excited to start with the next project of ALM for Vanderlande!’

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