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Testing the XT/NXT machines

“Being part of the ASML Testing Department means I am providing specialist support to the volume production team and implementing structural changes to the system to improve performance. This includes routinely performing repair and maintenance of the well-known XT/NXT machines, subsystems, and components, as well as calibration, alignment, and qualification of critical and sensitive components. Furthermore, I prepare the machine and subsystems for shipment. When contact with the first line support is requested and unavailable, I automatically become the main contact for the production team.”

In September 2013 Artur Lanczkowski got in contact with the account manager of TMC Field Service, who was looking for new talent abroad. Artur was working as a manufacturing engineering technician at Medtronic Vascular in Ireland at that time, but the company had plans for restructuring. When TMC offered him a job, he was very grateful. Working for TMC meant moving to the Netherlands. “Originally, I am from Poland, and after my first job there, I moved to Ireland, so emigrating again wasn’t a big problem for me,” Artur stated. “I like advancing my knowledge and experience, and I find it very easy to adapt to other cultures.”

“My work at ASML has been very fulfilling. I started out as a tester, and after three months, I got a new role, which I acquired via internal promotion. As a field service engineer, I work on complex systems and multiple projects to find solutions to occurring problems in production processes. Together with a highly qualified team consisting of six manual technicians and twenty testers, we cooperate to keep the machines running at optimal levels. I concentrate on gaining a better understanding of the XT/NXT system and developing expertise so that I can provide more input in the future. Furthermore, I want to develop my soft skills and the Dutch approach as a technician. I hope to grow within the company and become an electronic engineer in the future. I am very happy with my previous choice to study: electronics engineering. It has already created so many opportunities for me that have led to a very satisfying career path.”

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