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TelliSys: more loading volume

Especially aiming at more efficiency in intermodal container transport, TelliSys presents a prototype of a trailer-supporter combination with an ultra-low position of the fifth wheel that leads to 20% more loading volume. This enables the intermodal container transport business to cut down on fuel expenses and CO2 emission per ton/kilometer significantly.

TelliSys is a cooperation of IMA of RWTH University of Aken, the European Intermodal Association, DAF, GEFCO, Goodyear, WECON and WESOB. TelliSys’ target is to realize the transport of containers of an inner height of 3 meters. In these containers, 3 so-called ‘meter-tanks’ can be piled, providing loading volumes up to 100 m3. TMC's Antonio Maressa participated.

85cm Dish Deight

In the TelliSys consortium, DAF have developed a Super Low Deck Truck. By lowering the chassis behind the motor and by using a very compact rear suspension, combined with 22.5” wheels on the driven axle, a fifth wheel height of only 85 cm is possible. On top of that, the special Super Low Deck Truck has a light 0.4 trailing axle with 17.5” wheels in order to realize a GVW of 44 tons. For this project, Goodyear have developed new special low-profile tires for the driven axle. The tires have a low height, but still a strong carrying capacity.

New Generation Containers

Elaborating on the DAF Super Low Deck Truck’s fifth wheel height of only 85 cm, WECON have developed a special lightweight trailer of only 3,830 kg. Just as important was the development of a new generation of 40 and 45 feet containers, whose floor is remarkably thinner, whereas their carrying capacity and torsional stiffness remained the same. In order to emphasize the versatility of TelliSys’ Intermodal Technology Concept, WECON have applied a sliding canvas solution to the prototype.

Start Field Test

For the development of the concept truck, surely not only size and loading capacity were taken into account, but also maneuverability, comfort and ease of use were explicitly taken care of. The TelliSys combination now begins with an elaborate field test at logistic partner GEFCO’s, where the truck, trailer and container will be used intensively during their intermodal transport activities on the road, by railroad track and on the water. “TelliSys have proven that it is possible to realize 20% higher efficiency in container transport.”, states intermodal consultant Heiko Sennewald, who is both partner and initiator of the project. “The practice test at GEFCO’s will need to prove the practical usability. The results will determine whether introduction on the market is feasible. Surely, this also depends on the interest and demand on the market. In order to investigate this interest, we are going to exhibit the TelliSys Intermodal Technology Concept at the Transport Logistics Fair in Munich from 5 till 8 May. Next to that, it is important to underline that this technological concept will not be brought on the market any time soon.”

TelliSys – Intelligent Transport System for Innovative Intermodal Freight Transport – supports the EU target of optimizing the intermodal logistic chains and ensures a further cooperation between the various transport modalities. The project started in December 2012 and is financed by the 7th Framework Program (FP7) of the European Union for a period of 3 years.

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