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Sustainable led for parking garages

A sustainable LED-lighting system detects movements in order to create zones of light in a parking garage to save energy.

Senior software tester Bas van de Water (Test & Integration) is working on a flexible LED-lighting system for parking garages developed by Philips Lighting, which is energy-efficient and sustainable. "Usually, the lighting level in a parking garage is 100%, which costs a lot of energy," Bas explains. "This new system works with LED-lighting in combination with a wireless system for presence detection and dimming. When movements by people are detected, the wireless sensors can easily switch on zones of light, which ensures the lighting goes to 100% as soon as movements are detected. After several minutes without movements, the system switches back to the energy saving mode with reduced lighting level."

Bas works in a team of twelve people in the Indoor Department of Philips Lighting. It is his job to test the software of the project and to make sure everything works properly. ‘The project I am working on is called Occuswitch Wireless. The team is testing software for the controller of the LED-lighting system. This system was released in November 2013 and now there are several demos in organisations and companies in Europe, for example in Germany and on the High Tech Campus,’ he explains. "What makes the LED-lighting system unique, is that it is wireless. It works through Zigbee, a wireless solution like Bluetooth. The only wiring we use is power and all lights communicate with each other."

A colleague introduced Bas to TMC. "I was looking for a more challenging technical job and TMC offered me just that. The people at TMC are friendly, open and always honest to the Employeneurs, which I really appreciate. I am very enthusiastic about working for TMC and Philips Lighting and hope to continue this in future."

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