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Programmable logic control specialism for CSI Packaging Industry

‘Creating installations for industrial automation in the field of mechatronics is becoming more dependent on increasingly advanced software. This is the part where I come in. With experience not only in industrial automation, but also in higher level software development, I am keen on creating solutions for motion control, machine safety and vision with great success!’

Harm Baarens works as an Industrial Automation Software Designer for CSi Packaging in Raamsdonkveer, where he provides the company with the specialist knowledge of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). ‘For over 50 years CSi Packaging has been providing innovative solutions for handling carton blanks at extremely high speeds for the world’s leading carton packaging manufacturers,’ Harm states. ‘The packaging department offers state of the art solutions for case and tray packaging to a wide range of clients who use cardboard packaging for their primary products. Currently, the company is making it possible for the customer to make the transition from handling packaging manually to fully automatic packaging machines, using robots and PLCs for the automation of the electromechanical processes. For this I’m using the Siemens TIA Portal, S7-1500 automation technique. This is a new controller generation in the TIA Portal, which greatly improves the performance and usability of the machines!’

‘I work together with a small team, consisting of four Software Engineers, two Robot Engineers and five Mechanical Engineers. The fun of working in a small team is that I’m involved in projects from the beginning to the end. We start every project by writing the specifications and making a design for the machine. Then we discuss which software is needed and how we can program this. After that, we can build the complete machine and test if everything works properly or if we should make some adjustments. Finally, we set the machine in operation on sight. The fact that we work so closely on this team, also gives us the opportunity to invent new techniques and methods; something I really like!’
Before Harm started at TMC, he worked as a freelance programmer for several companies. ‘I worked at complex machines on large surfaces, but after some time I noticed that I kept working at the same level. One day, I heard a radio interview with Thijs Manders, talking about TMC and its unique concept of Employeneurs. I was especially captivated by the part where Thijs spoke about the encouragement of self-development. I decided to contact TMC and after a successful first meeting with the company, I started as an Employeneur for TMC Mechatronics. So far, it has brought me a lot. I’m involved in challenging projects and I’m attending a course on a new PLC-technique by Bosch Rexroth, to increase my knowledge of PLCs. Besides the fact that it helps me to grow in my career, this course offers me the opportunity to provide TMC’s clients with skills in specialist knowledge like PLCs. It increases my added value as an Employeneur in my work for TMC as well as for TMC’s clients!

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