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Problem, action, solution

Problem, action, solution.

‘Every day I go to work with great pleasure, knowing I will face new challenges and learn new things. As a maintenance technician at the engine factory of DAF Trucks, I apply engineering concepts to optimize equipment and procedures. I search for solutions when technical failures occur during the production process. Moreover, I ensure the most economical way of uninterrupted availability of the production by managing the machinery. My targets are DAF’s safety, keeping its production systems operational at all times and getting the best quality and results in terms of products.’.

21-year-old Ben Poukens graduated from the Katholieke Hogeschool* Limburg in Diepenbeek last June, with a bachelor in maintenance technology. On a job fair, he met TMC Field Service and was picked as one of the young talents and potential future Employeneurs. ‘In September, I officially started with my first TMC project as a maintenance technician at DAF Trucks.’, Ben enthusiasts. ‘As a member of the maintenance team, I have a critical role in the process of characterization and validation, as well as establishing and maintaining the product and process control plan. In addition, I help improve product performance by introducing product changes in a controlled manner and ensure a safe working environment at all times. Generally speaking, the maintenance team’s target is to guarantee that the production process stays operational and that there is a minimal loss of time and money whenever a technical problem occurs. That is why we work in night and day shifts. All team members have excellent troubleshooting and PLC programming skills, so they can guarantee the fastest, best and most economical solutions for the entire lifecycle of the products. Most importantly, we work closely together. If a team member needs help, we immediately try to help them out and when we have tackled the problem, the whole team are proud!’

The world of field service is not a particularly easy one, regarding the irregular work schedules and mainly physical tasks. ‘To me, working in field service is a dream come true. I like working with my hands. I find it very fulfilling to work under a certain time pressure and to deal with challenging projects every day. Searching for the cause of a technical failure is something that gives me energy. Being part of the maintenance team in the international setting of DAF is a great way to start my career in field service. I am very grateful to TMC for offering me this chance and I look forward to my future career as an Employeneur.’

*Hogeschool = university for professional education

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