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PLC software opportunity

Tom Nutzinger met TMC for the first time during one of its pizza sessions on Scrum/Agile. It struck him as a first added value that he could participate freely in in-house workshops and brainstorm sessions after working hours.

“The workshop gave me the impression TMC was something different and I wanted to get to know the company better,” Tom states. “I work as an independent software engineer, in the field of industrial automation and I was looking for a company that could offer me interesting projects and help me grow as a professional.”
Marco Haasjes, account manager for TMC Mechatronics, explained what TMC has on offer and what makes it stand out from the crowd. Tom responded: “I see the added values of their Employeneurship model, but I am not looking for a contract. However, the TMC community offers me, a freelancer, possibilities like attending workshops, collaboration on after-work projects with other professionals in their Employeneurs’ Lab and their multidisciplinary brainstorm sessions organized in cooperation with other companies.”
Within two weeks after the first meeting, TMC offered Tom an interesting project at Actemium, a big solution and service provider near Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The match was perfect and TMC proved to be not just another recruitment company.

“One of my personal goals”, Tom explains, “is to find ways that support the development of PLC software and SCADA software. I feel it lags far behind compared with the tools and methods used for the development of office and embedded software. In the TMC community I now participate in meetings on code generation for PLC software. In addition, I am involved in a brainstorm about business generation. As an independent partner in this community, I feel I will be able to realize many more of my ideas in the future by working with TMC.”

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