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PLC for international projects

Before Lefranc joined TMC Mechatronics Industrial Automation in 2014 he worked at several companies as a PLC software engineer. During these years he gained a lot of expertise in PLC programming. ‘PLC is a very specialist area in engineering,’ Lefranc states. ‘There are just a few engineers with degrees in PLC programming, so there is a strong demand for PLC engineers at companies. This gives me the opportunity to work on challenging projects. At CSi Packaging Industries I am working at several projects at the same time. Unique in the approach is that we run our projects independently and I can develop myself in the quit different roles in these projects. For instance, I started as a software engineer and I’m now working as a lead engineer. This allows me to gain experiences in different settings and different roles.’

‘Besides our projects in the Netherlands, we work on several international projects for clients in Germany, Hungary and Japan,’ Lefranc continues. ‘This means that I travel several times to the location of the client; first to install and test the machine and secondly to train the operators how to run the machine in the best way. Sometimes I even travel a third time to the customer’s location for aftercare and to manage the production. Because of my work, I’ve experienced the differences in cultures, in people, in work methods, in ways of communicating and in the way I can adapt to these changing circumstances. For instance, when I held a training for a Japanese client and asked if there were any questions, it remained quiet. First I thought everyone understood the process but then I found out that in the Japanese culture it isn’t considered to be polite to ask questions. I found the solution in hiring an interpreter who translates (parts of) the training and is familiar with the culture and also the manners in a specific country. So from now on after every raining we do several exercises with the operators to ensure that they know all they need to know to use the machine in the right way!’
Soft skills
Lefranc underlines that it is very important in his work to gain soft skills like communication and presentation skills. Aspects TMC stimulates by offering courses like Communication and Presentation. ‘As an Employeneur I want to communicate with clients on a high level and develop client specific approaches. The fact that TMC offers tools to develop myself is what makes it so unique to me. Together with my challenging job at CSi Packaging I definitely feel I’m in the right place with TMC!’

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