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One of a kind

Goss Contiweb specializes in the development, production, sales and service of splicers and dryers for web offset presses. To 25-year-old René van Wijlick, the company is one of a kind: "I work with very interesting machines and techniques," he states. "It is my job to make sure that these machines are properly connected to the press and that they function in good order. Still a trainee service engineer, I travel with experienced colleagues. They teach me a lot when we are at a customer’s site.”

For René, the main reason to enter the ranks and files of TMC Field Services was the opportunity to travel. I travel mostly to European customers’ sites in order to install a new line, to work on maintenance or to solve problems". He also loves the diversity of the job. “These are machines that run at a maximum speed of 17 meters/second”, René explains, “so when a roll of paper is finished, the new roll must splice smoothly and quickly. In other words: the web has to be a continuous supply to the press. After the paper is pressed the ink has to dry. A dryer ensures the ink to dry at the same pace as the paper.”

At the end of the process the paper needs to cool down. “The cooling is done by a chill," René continues, "This machine uses rolls with cooling water. The whole process is challenging and Goss Contiweb is a great place to work. Although I work for TMC, they treat me as if I were one of them. Besides, I am very happy with the support I get from TMC and especially from TMCs' account manager Bart Hermsen. It is a luxury position to be able to count on support from both my colleagues at Goss Contiweb and TMC.”

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