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Networking at Philips, ASML, DSM and Océ

Leander Vranken joined TMC right after his study Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Eindhoven. After a first project at Innoluce, a small start-up company and entrepreneurial spin-off of Philips, he now works for Océ, a Canon subsidiary. In between there was a short period without a project; a time he spent expanding his network and outlining a vision for his career.

Creating your own opportunities

Leander: “I did my final graduation project at Innoluce and they asked me to stay. But since they were a small company they wanted to be flexible and preferred hiring me through TMC. That’s how I joined TMC right after my study. When the project at Innoluce ended there weren’t any real opportunities for new projects for me at that time. These things can happen when you work from project to project and that’s when you have to create your own opportunities. Of course TMC helps you find something new, but being an Employeneur also means being entrepreneurial. For me, being fresh out of university, it meant I needed to expand my network.”

Expanding your network

“TMC Nanotechnology’s network is truly amazing. After my first project ended I talked to a lot of TMC colleagues who were working on projects at companies that I liked. It’s great to have these openings with companies like Philips, DSM, ASML and Océ. You enter these companies in a highly informal way and get a real sense of the kind of company it is. And while you’re there you can very easily and informally ask if there are any opportunities or projects that you could help out with. That’s exactly how I got my current assignment at Océ. I visited a TMC Employeneur at Océ and I talked with him and some people from Océ and one week later they wanted my help on a project. And the account managers at TMC did amazing work. They lobbied for me with numerous companies and successfully too: just moments after I started my new assignment at Océ, I heard DSM had a concrete project for me as well.”

No place like TMC

“I really enjoy working on these different project for these different kinds of companies. I also like the networking. Of course I prefer working and doing what I’ve been educated to do, but I enjoyed talking to people and thinking about my career. It gave me a great opportunity to think about what fulfils me most and where my true passion lies in my line of work. TMC gives you the space to do that and with the account managers and companies you have access to and the projects you can do, I can’t think of a better place to be right now than at TMC.”

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