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TMC Masterclass: Seeing a technical project from all sides

The TMC High Tech Systems Creation Masterclass of 2015 is already well underway. Fifteen Employeneurs come together for two days every month to broaden their horizons and gain better insights into other disciplines. Carolien Lamers was a participant of the first class of 2012. She was an Employeneur from 2007 until 2014 and is now working for the startup company SeeCubic: “I immediately joined the first Masterclass because I’m not only interested in the technical side of projects but also in the whole business that surrounds it. I was project leader in a multinational company at the time and was dealing with the factory, but also the operations side, the supply chain, and the transfer of technology to external parties that helped in our projects. So I liked the idea that everything I learned in the Masterclass could immediately be applied to my daily work.”

Broadening your scope

“The Masterclass consists of three phases. In the first phase they immerse you in a diverse range of technical disciplines. In the second phase, guest speakers give lectures about the non-technical side of businesses. And in the third phase you do a project together. I already had a broad technical knowledge, because I studied physics. So I especially enjoyed the second and third phases. In the second phase you learn to think outside of your normal patterns. For example, what does a marketeer find important if it’s not the hard technical facts of a product? And you learn that different things are important to each market segment. It is very interesting to stop and reflect on those aspects, and it truly broadens your scope. In the Masterclass you get to see the creation of a business from all sides.”

Dynamics of a startup

“The third phase was really insightful. You get to work together as a team on a project as if you are creating a start-up company and it’s especially interesting to see the interactions between people and how their individual ambitions and interests can influence a project. This dynamics interested me so much that I decided to search for a start-up company for my next job assignment. Which resulted in that I joined SeeCubic."

Get to know TMC better

“I can really recommend the Masterclass to every Employeneur. It’s good to look beyond the borders of your own specialism. In every specialism you speak a different language, and at the end of the Masterclass you understand each other much better. And it’s also nice to get to know TMC better as a company. As an Employeneur, you are almost always working directly with the client. With the TMC Masterclass you get to know your fellow Employeneurs, the different cells, the account managers and other people that work for TMC. It was great to spent some more time there, and it really broadened my network.”

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