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Lumea essential

Ad Schoenmakers works as an Electronics Engineer at Skincare, a department of Philips Consumer Lifestyle. At Skincare, Ad has participated in several projects. "One of these is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device called Lumea Essential," he explains. "When I got involved the product was reaching the end of its development phase. I helped with some of the final touches, like the calibration of the light intensity. Meanwhile, I started with another project. However, that one is classified, meaning all details are confidential."

Ad now participates in TMC's Master Class on High-Tech Systems Creation. The Master Class is a joint initiative of the five high-tech cells: Mechanics, Mechatronics, Physics, Embedded (Test & Integration) and Electronics. During 2,5 years it covers three stages. "In the first stage", Ad explains, "we focus on crossovers between high-tech disciplines. It is a fact that technical specialists need to cooperate with specialists in completely different areas, using a different language and with different paradigms. The Master Class empowers us to work in interdisciplinary projects".

The second stage covers many things beyond technology. "We touch upon issues like marketing, value engineering, business financials and entrepreneurship. In the third and final stage all threads are brought together when we development and design a – new – product. In my case, we decided to develop an automatic device to tune drums. The development of the Tune-o-MatiC challenges almost all of the disciplines in the Master Class. We are investigating both technical and commercial parameters, trying to find out which are the most significant".

Ad is thrilled about TMC. "The company guides and supports Employeneurs in their personal development. The Master Class is one thing, but there are also pizza sessions and courses to develop technological and soft skills, like entrepreneurship. My personal goal is to develop my entrepreneurial skills and to use this knowledge for (new) projects and clients".

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