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Living in the city of light

“I was born in Madrid, the capital of Spain”, TMC Field Service’s Andras de Kruijf says. “When I was eighteen years old I moved to Amsterdam. My mother is Dutch, so the Duch culture was familiar, but it is still hard to get used to the food and weather.”

“In The Netherlands”, Andras goes on, “I studied Electronics. I did an internship at Philips and was offered a job. I was excited, so that was an easy decision. I tried to combine my study with the work in Eindhoven, for me the city of light. It was very difficult to combine both and it didn't work out. Unfortunately I had to quit my study."

After having worked for Philips, Andras joined another company for almost 6 years. When his department was transferred abroad he started to look for a new job. “I ran into TMC’s account manager Arno Duis”, Andras tells. “Within a few weeks I started with a project and I have been working for TMC ever since.”

Recently, Andras started working at the ASML System Qualifications department. “I am not allowed to share details”, Andras explains, “but I work on latest generation of machines, so this subject is highly confidential. Very cool!”

However, Andras can share his experiences regarding working for this company: “ASML is well organised and a pleasant company to work for. They offer lots of training in relation to my job, so they enable me to run my project.”

Andras is also doing a training at TMC. “TMC provides a budget for all the necessary training and support. For example, I am now taking a course in order to communicate effectively.”

Although Andras will probably never get used to the Dutch food and weather, he did built up a life in the City of Light. “Here I am happy. Eindhoven is an easy city to live in and to explore, and there is always something to do, like music and entertainment. Above all: I like the people out here.”

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