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Live Traffic Groningen: 21st-century traffic-flow management

TMC Civil Engineering is proud to announce that the Dynamic Traffic Systems that form part of the Groningen Bereikbaar project are live! In Groningen, several major infrastructure works will take place in the coming years, and the associated roadworks will inevitably have a major impact on the accessibility of the city. Groningen Bereikbaar is a project to keep the city accessible during these roadworks, but also during traffic accidents, events and periods of intense traffic. The project is a unique collaboration between the city of Groningen, the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe, the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, ProRail and the Region Groningen-Assen.

TMC Civil Engineering have been instrumental to the success of this project, giving advice during the purchase and bidding phase of the new systems, remaining closely involved during their implementation, and helping to design the different projects involved. The network of technical systems that they set up is called ‘Live Traffic Groningen’ and it uses several instruments such as traffic lights, the Parking Route Information System (PRIS), dynamic information panels and multiple cameras which monitor the bypass for incidents.

Live Traffic Groningen:

  • Informs the road user with current, reliable traffic and parking information
  • Deals quickly with incidents on all important roads
  • Delivers optimal fluidity on crossings and important routes during all traffic conditions
  • Encourages road users to take the optimal route or to use the Park & Ride facilities
  • Actively steers the traffic during severe congestion or accidents.

Ben Rentinck, director of TMC Civil Engineering: “Our employeneurs Richard Martens (traffic advisor), Peter Molenaar (purchase advisor) and Eric-Jan Dikker (traffic advisor) have proven that TMC is able to bring these kinds of specialist projects to successful completion. That’s something I’m really proud of!”

Read more on the project here

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