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Learn the Dutch way

Macedonian Dragica Nikolovska talks about her life in The Netherlands and the way she built up her professional career.

What brought you to The Netherlands?

“In The Netherlands, study programs are more practical and you have the opportunity to work in projects and to experience business life. Combining the theoretical knowledge with practical experience in a foreign western country was not only about gaining experience on a professional level but also a great life experience.”

Was it hard to get used to the Dutch culture?

“The Dutch mentality struck me as the Dutch weather; it is totally the opposite of the Macedonian mentality. At first, I could not understand why Dutch people always have to be so direct and extravert, but I was able to adjust and now even see the positive side of it. I think I needed to learn the Dutch way”

What about your first encounter with TMC?

“I learned about Employeneurship from my fiancée Daan Linders. At that time he worked at TMC Mechanical. His enthusiasm triggered me and I wanted to be part of such a great entrepreneurial company. On a TMC New Year’s Eve party I met TMC’s Mladen Mitev. He told me about a project at ASML which was nicely in line with my expertise and he helped me to push this forward.”

Please tell us about your project.

“In my first TMC project, I became part of the world's leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry, ASML. I work as a CL Modification Planner in the Global Logistical Services Department on the implementation of approved Engineering Changes in order to ensure availability and cost effective transfer to the new service materials. I control the inventory levels of worldwide obsolete service materials. Furthermore, I advise on required actions to improve inventory levels and to minimize excess stock. I also work on improvement projects in order to make the way of working more efficient and to reduce double work and costs. Continuous improvement is my drive.”

How is TMC helping you to reach your goals?

“It is important to me to improve my skills in the Dutch language and to enhance the level of my professional skills. Currently I am attending a Dutch course. A personal coach helps me to develop my professional and personal skills. Ninka Lenssen is my account manager and whenever necessary she is there to discuss opportunities and for some wise words of advise. In karate I posses the black belt. One of my goals is to get one in 'Lean and Six Sigma' as well.”

What's your next step? We can help you with that