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Leadership Development Program: discovering your authentic leadership

‘The Program is custom-made’, says Gert Verkade, personal coach at TMC and trainer of TMC’s Leadership Develop Program. ‘The participants find their own path, determine their own goals. We only try to nudge them in the right direction.’

The Leadership Development Program kicked off a couple of weeks ago. Together with his partner Karin Hofman, Gert helps a group of twelve TMC Employeneurs develop their leadership potential. The participants are encouraged to look for the values and convictions that guide their behavior. This way, they are able to fully realize their strengths and to inspire the people around them.

The Program is divided into blocks of five sessions, with six weeks between each session. There are homework assignments as well. Recently, the participants were asked to write their biography.

The TMC Employeneurs also learn a lot from each other, for instance through the feedback they all give and receive each other. ‘Not only do the participants learn a lot about themselves’, Gert explains, ‘they also experience that different people see different things. One participants’ feedback can be completely opposite to another’s.’

One of the participants of the Leadership Development Program is Reinier Klaasse Bos, TMC Employeneur and Production Engineer at ASML.

‘What I like about the Program, is that it doesn’t just teach you some tricks and methods. It really asks you to take a good look within yourself. To determine to your values, your preferences, your personal goals. Then, it teaches you to ask yourself: where does this all stem from? How do you express it, in your day-to-day life? It’s very personal. That’s what makes it stand out from other programs. Based on what I’ve seen so far, the program really teaches you to have a firm grasp of your own, natural leadership.’

For Jeroen van Doorn, TMC Employeneur and Product Engineer at Bosch, the timing of the Program couldn’t have been better.

‘For six months now, leadership is an important part of my work. I can use the things I learn at the sessions right away, and at the sessions I can share my work experiences.’

Like Gert and Reinier, Jeroen says the Program makes him much more aware of his own leadership. ‘For instance, I discovered something very valuable about the way I guide people, or give out instructions. The program taught me that it’s perfectly fine to be a bit more critical, a bit more strict, to make myself completely clear. Until then, I very quickly thought I’d come along as quite rude if I’d adopt a more critical tone.’

At the Leadership Development Program, Jeroen was taught that there was plenty of room to be critical or strict, and still come across as friendly. ‘What I thought of as rude, apparently wasn’t rude at all. That was an eye opener, and a very valuable lesson – not just for my work, but also for my life outside of it.’

The Leadership Development Program is not even halfway yet, so there might be plenty of more eye openers to come.

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